A trip so nice they took it twice

The party where trying to make it to the land of the fey and learning to Look before you leap. To this end they had made a visit to Pentagast Davion and his iron cave who directed them to at least the direction that a fey crossing might be possibly. Seeking a clearer solution the party went to the nearby druidic grove where they again encountered the (troublesome) druid Inda, she was able to give clear(er) directions involving moving through walls of vine, following these directions they stepped through….

Back in the clearing the party where able to stop and rest, their pursuers apparently unwilling or unable to follow. The party was however confused and dazed as they had in returning lost all memory of their journey beyond. They searched their equipment for clues finding the formal wear, the bottles and a note Rolan had penned about the elven relic, they did however take the blue flower on Howling Under The Two Moons as just a flower. Their mission seemingly unfulfilled the group set out again towards the vine wall and crossed back over to the land of eternal twilight. Sneaking around the camp of their hulking pursuers they made it back to the Imperial road and begun back towards the elven city. While resting for the… evening Thia again noticed the inexpert stalking of Gregory the satyr again sketching the group. In a not dissimilar manner to last time Gregory was again caught though this time announced himself as Jeff. Reacquainted with Gregory/Jeff’s vulgar company another deal was struck this time Gregojeff would lead them to the elvish city’s place an Rolan would return the sketch book again confiscated.

This time the party where led to a village outside the city seemingly unoccupied tough still looking maintained. though hidden tunnels the group made their way back into the city and begun (with Rolan’s magical assistance) sneaking their way through to the palace, upon arrival Grogojeff claimed his book back and promptly fled stopping only to take his second attempt to steal Howling under the two moons’ flower. Before the party could begin some elaborate plan to break into the palace Mara deduced that Howling under the two moons’ flower was indeed “The face of everything” and they had had it with them the whole time.

Returning to the forest they entered, the group narrowly avoided successfully sneaking past more of the brutish individuals camped in the area. In the ensuing fight Mara was unlucky in sneaking, Rolan conjured many large badgers, Thia almost burnt down the forest and the party won. Searching the camp it was found that the brutes had been trying to cook still living fey creatures (pixies?, fairies?, Sprites?) who upon being rescued pledged themselves to their new “fire lord” unable to come up with a nonlethal way to get rid of them Thia took them along ignoring Rolan’s requests to claim one.

The party passed through the vines again and made it seemingly back to reality, after one more rest in the druid grove they begun the journey back to Valendris. Flying over Valendris the town seemed to be prospering, suspiciously well even the castle had even been repaired. As the group moved through town a growing crowd begun silently following them, as the made it to the outside of the “Ear to the ground” (now with a sign depicting what the name implies) Thia grabbed a bystander and asked “What year is it?”…



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