Storm's end

The party save Sannus

The party had Followed the vowel to exit and found a library/laboratory devoid of life but full of items of interest to one magically inclined as well as of course gold. The group stopped to grab some potions, books and scrolls (and yes all the gold/gems) but had things to do and so where soon off to Sannus to address its pirate problem.

Eagles made to trip preposterously short so it was not long before the party where back at “The captain’s respite” to meet up with Zanthon. While Zan was told about reinforcements hired from the Hastings, Mara and Thia had the not unfamiliar feeling of being watched, investigating the man watching them from the other side of the bar they realised that this was none other than Mark Valor. Mark was told tales of the groups wild and unlikely adventures but had little explanation himself for why he was back in town and indeed watching from the shadows. There was a some time before the hired reinforcements could arrive and in that time was a chance for Zanthon to meet a representative of the sea elves, and in the time before the representative arrived was a chance for Thia to summon and lose control of a water elemental and almost drown.

Eventually all had arrived and planing could begin, Mara had even convinced Tilo Viera and the “Glorious expedition” to join. Planning itself turned out fairly straightforward if not vague, catapults where built and pitch was gathered there was even time for the whole room to listen to Thia’s outburst about the state of Mara and Zanthon’s relationship. And so of sailed the party, most of them on Tilo’s “Stormkiller” with one of the hired wizards and Mara joining Zanthon on the borrowed “Lady’s favour”. Avoiding patrols the small fleet made it to the barrier storm surrounding the raider’s island, Zanthon used a sea elf horn to call for aid and watched as a wall of water begun to rise from within the storm before rolling over and forming an immense tunnel through the storm big enough for the fleet to reach the island, an so it begun.

The Kervallion ships lined up at the beach and as lightning continued to strike at them catapults and mercenaries landed. Thia drank a potion and took to the sky raining pitch and fire, Mara snuck around targeting the stormcallers while Moosa, Rolan and Howling Under The Two Moons ran in sword (and claw) first. Something about one of the academy mages set Mark off somehow and so as the battle begun he took the opportunity to attack unnoticed making short work of the surprised wizard. Summoned insects swarmed from the trees around and attacked the enemy casters, those who lived where picked off by Mara and Mark, Rolan, Howling and Moosa pushed back the main warriors whose communication with their leadership was cut off thanks to Thia.

The warriors on the beach retreated up the hill towards their main camp, the Kervallion forces followed and while Thia saw that the camp was fortified as a second front Moosa and Zanthon where not able to warn their forces in time to stop them from running disorganised into the fortifications. Thia identified something of a leader and magically forced dark and terrible thoughts into his mind, Moosa and Zanthon gathered a unit each to attempt to flank such efforts where extremely effective when combined with assistance from the two remaining academy mages and a giant elk which suddenly arrived and charged. The camp had more stormcallers but they found themselves targeted swiftly from stealth the same as their fellows on the beach had. Just when most had fallen and the battle seemed to be winding down a horn was heard and more warriors charged from a flaming tent with glowing eyes and suicidal confidence. As battle raged on the ground and fire rained from above mara was able to gather that this force had served as a distraction for the raiders leader to escape but as the leader fled the battle was won.

With the battle concluded the camp was searched Zanthon negotiated the dividing of the spoils and Mara released prisoners taken from costal villages, Thia questioned Mark on killing the mage. Mark said that there was just something about him suspicious and familiar, and that when he died his eyes had mysteriously melted from their sockets, Moosa admitted that he was alerted to Marks intentions and had suggested that it might not be noticed if he where not to survive that battle, but admitted that Marks timing was problematic. Thia and Moosa tracked down the corpse and found his eyes intact, protecting their friend they gave the body axe wounds and destroyed the top of its head.

With the raiders seemingly dealt with and the sahuagin having apparently been kept at bay with sea elf assistance that party where free to return finally to Valandris the sail back to Sannus having only one interruption, a lone Sahuagin bearing a message from Sally Sharkguts claiming that if they where interested she had the leader of the Raiders…



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