Seeds sown

The party check on Valandris

Storm’s end had come and the party returned to Sannus in celebration with Thia and Moosa jumping fully into celebration and carousing, Mara operated more restrained, Rolan and Howling Under The Two Moons actually left the city to spend time in the forest instead (Mark left the group as soon as they hit land). In the morning the group gathered to discuss their next move and after lengthy discussion they decided to leave the Leaf on the wind in Zanthon’s care and teleport to Avissium (stopping only long enough to purchase health potions, incense and pork) before eagle/walking to Valandris.

Valandris had been doing what it could to establish itself in the party’s absence, Griffolk had apparently been leading while Zanthon was gone, Margret was running something of a small magic academy featuring lectures from unusual sources, the elf Alaina had founded a hunting lodge following on from when Rolan would take those who could out to hunt and the “Ear to the ground” had become a functioning tavern/drug den at the centre of town. Moosa spoke with Giles and was able finally to delver the plans he had, he was also able to visit Ferri and see that the Estarian chapel had been built, Ferri’s reputation had improved when raids increased the need for a healer. Mara checked on Edward who had built a small abode outside the town but had otherwise progressed little.

Before long Hasting men arrived to set up their own storehouse and prepare Hastings plans for the Valandris product soon they would set up production to turn in into various products, the party planned to wait for Zanthon to arrive and finally return to running the town. Valandris was close to becoming self sufficient, so long as raids where kept at bay trade would soon be established that could then attract those needed to convert the harvest into usable product, castle walls or not it would soon be a functioning town…



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