Rolan Nailò

one with the silver fangs ( wolf name)


Name: Rolan Nailò
Age: 126
Hight: 5’11
Eyes: pale green (now Golden)
Hair: ash blond
Class: Ranger Two weapon Beast conclave


Rolan Nailò son of Lia and Aust Nailò and younger brother to Thea. Rolan was the only non magic user in the whole Nailò family this was strange for his family had been the teachers of magic to the noble Silverthorn family for over 300 years. Rolan had somewhat of a few good years at the Silverthorn estate and at the age of 10 found a play mate in Lynn Silverthorn and would play in secret in the estate woods while his mother and father would teach Thea and other magic users of the estate. Until one summers day while Lynn and Rolan found an old apple tree in the garden.

Lynn told Rolan that she could climb to the ever top, but Rolan told her not to be silly for the branches where too thin and if she fell she would get hurt but Lynn would not listen and climbed higher and higher until she reached the top of the 20 foot apple tree where she stood on a thin branch that snapped under her weight and fell backing her leg.

When Lord Silverthorn caught word of the accident he himself dragged Rolan to the town square and whipped him until the young elf was close to death then exiled Rolan to the forest where he was found by the elven druid Longwood, who gave his word to Lia and Aust to raise the young elf. Lia, Aust and Thea would sneak out to the forest to visit Rolan. Longwood watched over Rolan and show Rolan the ways of nature and his elven heritage and told him story’s of Liyanana the land of the clouds, the elven promised land. Rolan would pass on the stories to Thea and both promised to one day find Liyanana and take their mother and father and the anyone who wanted to live in a better world there to live peacefully.

Rolan Nailò

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