Terba castle

snitches get stitches, rats get magic longswords

The party had left The town that platinum built for Estaria on a quest of dubious origin. Thia directed the group towards Terba castle where they where to break into the dungeons to recover something she apparently needed. The party dressed as nicely as they had means to and hid their obvious magic before riding in to meet the lord. Moosa informed lord Merrin that he was in the area searching for his missing scoundrel of a brother in law Berem. Moosa was suspiciously evasive about his own status, Mara had more success first telling the story of one of their bold adventures then negotiating to quickly go down to the dungeons to see in she recognised anybody, leaving the rest to wait outside holding the “Verdent Sun” banner and telling tales of grey renders. There was only one prisoner present in the cells that day Obby “The Rat” who while friendly enough was neither Berem nor an artifact Thia needed. Following Thia’s directions (given through the earrings) Mara checked the back wall of the furthest back cell and spotted a small carved marking, apparently what they where looking for.

Gathering the next day most of the group entered the portable hole while Thia teleported herself through a window in Obby’s cell and into the dungeons. The party regathered from the portable hole and moved to the back cell, briefly joined by Obby before Rolan decided to kill him. At the back wall Thia spoke the words “Let shadows hide what light cannot understand” which opened a secret door into a hidden chamber ( how she knew to do that remains unclear ). The chamber beyond seemed to be some kind of arcane laboratory, a strange find in Estaria, there was a series of tables covered with restraining straps, above the tables was a series of sliding plates that could be moved to uncover magical symbols, Moosa found this out by becoming stunned for a minute. While the rest collected books and tracked down the gold Thia begun messing with a device she pulled from the wall that begun glowing and loudly humming. The noise seemed to alert the dungeon guard though he was unable to interfere as the party had closed the hidden entrance behind them. The device was obtained along with books and gold and the party teleported away.

The party had borrowed there horses from a local village and then left them at the castle before teleporting away, with some cautious use of Rolan’s giant eagles members of the group where able to get back to the castle within a few days and smooth talk their way into getting the horses back while the incident in the dungeons was still confused and unclear. as this trip took place Thia back at the ( safehouse? sanctum? laboratory? ) opened a spellbook to find an arcane symbol that stopped her heart. Fortunately Tavis happened to be stuck in the area and was able to revive her.

The party had stolen a warding device from a hidden and presumably nefarious arcane laboratory in an Estarian landed knight’s castle for reasons if understood by anyone only Thia although seemingly as part of some larger plan. No one had yet clearly worked out what happened in the Terba dungeons but the investigation had begun…



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