Taming the Thieves court

Mark and Rolan are famous in certain parts of town

Through a little Bear wrestling the party had learned the location where Gamlan’s former lieutenants would be meeting in the “Thieves court” so Rolan, Thia and Mark Valor went to scout it out. The building in question was a run down tenement building that like almost all the building in the “Thieves court” featured many escape routes to the district’s upper levels. The group stayed longer than expected and the group had not laid out any procedures for this eventuality and did they have any way to communicate at a distance, it was with these thoughts that Thia went to Zorias’s. Spending the last of their store credit Thia was able to acquire a set of magical earrings that should allow distant communication, Rolan bought a set of gauntlets that allegedly increase his strength and most of the group bought potions capable of ealing their wounds probably. Thia visited “The Grand Academy” to enrol as a student she displayed the extent of her power and was given a form to fill out, there was however a 10,000 gold enrolment fee, more than she could afford alone. meanwhile Moosa left to tell Erin Hastings about the note Mark had received about supplying information on the Hasting’s purchases, Erin thanked him but had little to add. The party made their final preparations including Moosa arranging to have elf backup and Mark spreading stories about how not in the thieves court he would be that night.

On the night of the meeting Moosa was in the building opposite with five of Vancill’s men al armed with bows, Mark, Rolan, Thia and Sariel entered ostensibly as bodyguards for “Big Jim” who knew enough not to complain. Inside where (including Jim) seven of Gamlen’s former lieutenants with associated guards, at the head of a table was “fat Pete” a thin acrobat the party hadn’t met before. The man began laying out plans to attack the businesses and citizens of “The Deep Woods” until Thia interrupted taking off her nondescript cloak and revealing fine clothing as a display of wealth, Pete introduced the party to the room naming Mark as “Skinny” Pete’s killer and Rolan as Gamlen’s killer. Thia stood up on the table and blasted Pete with fire. Injured Pete fled out the window to the Thieves court’s upper levels. Rolan, Moosa, Vancill’s elves and Sariel followed while Mark and Thia negotiated with the remaining lieutenants. Sariel transformed into a giant spider and allowed Rolan to hold onto a web strand and be pulled along, when Pete jumped from a rooftop into Avissium’s river spider Sariel jumped and in midair transformed from a spider back to an elf and again into a crocodile Rolan following was able to grab on to this crocodile before climbing up to stab down at Pete before fully decapitating him.

Mark and Thia had convinced many of Gamlen’s lieutenants to join Vancill and Rolan furthered his reputation in the deep woods, how well these men would be integrated into Vancils group was yet to be seen…




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