Salty sailors and saltier sirens

The party begins an impromptu fishing session

While Mara looked after The captain of Sannus the rest of the party tracked down Mark who as it turned out had recruited Griffolk to look around town for signs of the symbols seen on his disk and in the academy. Grifolk was paid to stay along as they visited an Estarian chapel seeking a cure for Mark only to find that the person they were looking for had been taken in a raid on a nearby fishing village.

The party retired to “The captain’s respite” tomorrow they would join Zanthon’s crew to hunt down the raiders. Mark spent some time drinking until he had the courage to ask the party (Griffolk included) upstairs for a private conversation. Mark told the party that he suspected that the Sages League members that stabbed Griffolk where part of The Ordo Noctum a secret organisation who apparently gather pre-fall artifacts with intentions for world conquest. To Moosa’s annoyance Mark could provide little more information and not Griffolk or anyone else in the party had heard of the group.

In the morning the party joined a crew of mostly regulars from “The captain’s respite” on Zanthon’s ship and headed out for some of them their first trip at sea. Mara had begun learning elvish from Thia, Rolan practiced with his new whip and the rest mostly stayed out of others way. As night fell all but Mark stayed up and enjoyed a tea Rolan had brewed it was a pleasant enough evening until Moosa had to save Rolan from an unexpected urge to jump overboard where there were apparently creatures seeking to eat him. Moosa was next to try so Rolan jumped after him and was able to attach his whip to the whip Thia had conjured. By the time the fight was finished one of the creatures was pinned to the side of the ship by vines that had suddenly grown out of its back and another was dead but still attached to Moosa’s leg. Thia elected to preserve two of the creatures in the hopes that some scholar would be willing to pay for the opportunity to study them.

The ship arrived at the village and obtained enough information to work out where to look next, there was a cove sometimes used by the raiders known for its strange possible magical properties…



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