Packing up

The party finds a little more strangeness on the way home

There apparently being Something in the water the party had been relaxing at the Druid grove getting to know each other better. somewhere along the line Mark made the decision that he should take Griffolk and the two sailors on ahead to Avissium leaving Rolan, Moosa, Thia, Mara and Zanthon behind. It was after Mark left that Rolan was reunited with Armir the elf who taught him most of what he knew about hunting, tracking and fighting. As soon as Armir found out about Rolan’s rib injury he set about running him through drills which over the next week became running Rolan back through Druidic style ranger training and as Rolan run back through his original training he found that he was able to take it further now with more world experience. Having (more or less) found success with speak with animals and animal messenger spells Rolan spent time with the beasts that stayed passively at the grove and hunting with the other rangers and their animal companions. Eventually when he was ready Rolan brewed a druidic potion made from particular herbs and preformed a ritual at the edge of the glade, the rest of the party watched as he sat in silence waiting until a single wolf walked out to the forest up to him looked him over and sat down next to him. Upon completing the ritual Rolan had bound himself to this wolf who he named Howling Under The Two Moons, this beast would protect him and fight alongside, another strange member of a strange party.

Armir came to Rolan and told him it was his task to travel to a cave just north and deal with the spiders there while Armir’s party dealt with a similar situation, as with all instructions form the druids Rolan accepted immediately and without question. The party (now including a forest wolf) traveled to a cave full of unusually well organised giant spiders fighting/sneaking their way in they found ostensibly leading the spiders was a Spider-Bear (just another impossible occurrence this trip). Soon enough there where fire bolts, synchronized elf/wolf attacks, unexpected lightning, brave charges and efforts to save brave chargers along with of course a dead Spider-bear. The Spider-bear was assumed to be a mindless beast thought this one had taken a trophy in the form of an elf head in any case Rolan took spider legs as trophies of his own and the party returned to the grove. Armir’s group had apparently found a similar scene Spider-Bear included, while Mara made sure Zanthon was healthy after the battle the issue was brought to Longwood. The old Druid(?) was as cryptic as ever but he did describe seeing creatures possible the spider-bears appearing “somewhere else”, he described places the party had apparently not heard of and scenes so strange and impossible as to be taken for metaphor, they seemed not to recognise the locations from folklore and legend “the land of the faerie kings” as it were, taking the locations as simply places they had never been (true to an extent) there was little more to to than more on.

Time had come to travel onward and leave the druids behind, Rolan elected to travel a little ahead owing to some awkward he had accidentally seen. he stopped and let the group catch up a few days in when he saw what he described as an “Evil pixie” investigating further the group did eventually track down a group of small winged blue skinned creatures that the rest of the party took a greater liking to than Rolan. Thia was the one who left stealth to greet them though she didn’t get much more of a conversation than “whed esa irrui arll?” she did however feed them berries and leave peacefully. Rolan alone wanted to slay the creatures but gave in to the party’s alternate plan of not. Seeking to teach Rolan some lesson about peaceful coexistence with winter sprites Moosa secretly left behind the group a trail of berries and didn’t warn them about the two sprites following. It was that night that Thia and Mara on their watch witnessed the sprites coming up and investigating the magical dome where they slept touching the side, stomping on the top, attempting to tunnel underneath and even laughing a ice knife at the structure. Thia and Mara did emerge from the dome and Thia casted a spell allowing her to understand what the creatures were saying, the creatures didn’t have much information to offer but did ask for (and receive) alcohol the rest of the group were awoken and were able to interact with the (increasingly) drunk creature though to little meaningful end just another strange distraction, an impossible creature and briefly learned lesson for Rolan.

Within another couple of days Rolan found the basic structure he had built himself back when he was avoiding staying at the groups manor. The party had made it back to Avissium for better or worse and would soon find out what had changed and be responsible for changes of their own…



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