Getting back up

Moosa and Mark arrives, Rolan gets up

…finishing of the somewhat crude fortifications to the crumbled wall section that had been established after the towns Housewarming.

It had been at leat seventy days but Moosa finally returned returned and he did not come alone. Here from Avissium where more recruits for the town (courtesy of the Zahn family), Mary the much talked about wife of Riley, an Estarian (apparently a priest) Ferri and Mark Valor. Mark had apparently worked out his amulet as he claimed to be fully sighted (giving Mark a chance to find out what Griffolk looks like) and although he didn’t mention it seemed to possess some limited magic. The group inevitably moved the the room where Rolan was stored so he and Mark could catch up. Ferri left to give them a moment but was spotted by Mara as he snuck to the river for a quiet drink, her failed attempts to steal his hidden dagger led to an unfortunate (if surprisingly common) misunderstanding. Ferri’s assistance in aiding Rolan was limited (unless one counts alerting Rolan to his missing appendage) he identified that he was poisoned and that the poison lingered in the blood, it was he claimed to strong a poison for him to counter. Thia who already had her doubts about Estarian healing was less than impressed especially as it just led her back to her existing plan of leaching.

Mark (and See’Krett) stayed with Rolan through the process until eventually Rolan was moving again. With assistance Rolan made it to the tavern where he regained strength until the traditional town dinner. Rolan found himself sitting next to Allana with a bottle apparently a gift from Zorias the effe…



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