The Sages league

One of the most influential organisations found in Avissium. Its leader Grand Scholar Peytr is an aged human in his sixty fifth year of life. Founded over a hundred years ago by a band of adventurers and explorers, its aim was simple. To delve into the past and discover how to elevate the world back to the way it was before ‘the Fall’.

The Sages League believes that through artifacts and sites of pre-fall ruins they can improve the lives of the common people. Perhaps with better farming techniques all the way to healing and technological advances.

The Sages league borders on a religious order and even has its own code.

“Through arrogance we fell.
With ignorance we were blinded.
Through knowledge we gain sight.
Through sight we find the way.
The way leads to tomorrow”

Scholars come from a number of backgrounds. Some are sons of wealthy families that are sent to study. Others come from less prestigious backgrounds, such as orphans, street urchins and even indentured laborers. Once inducted a scholar will spend years in foundational study before deciding which area they wish to specialise. For example a more adventurous scholar may become a field scholar and conduct expeditions into pre-fall ruins, whilst another may specialise in linguistics and history.

The Sages league is funded via donations of wealthy patrons, the money earned from tutoring, selling artifacts and from recovered technology.

Within the Sages League there is a growing concern about a rival faction known as they Ordo Noctum. Though little is commonly known of the Ordo Noctum it is believed they are locked in a silent war with the Sages League though most scholars will dismiss such talk as rumours.

The Sages league

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