The city of Avissium is home to over 42,000 people and it is the capital of Kervallion as well as its oldest city. Avissium was built on the Aricus by it is said the old empire but with its strong walls and river access it remained strong and profitable after the fall, existing as an independent city state before the creation of the kingdom of Kervallion. While the specifics are unclear the first Kervallion king Galius “the great” was able to strike some sort of deal and made Avissium his capital making a home of the mayor’s hall.

The palace of Kervallion
The grand academy
The Sages league hall
The Imperial district

The oldest and most prosperous district the Imperial district consists of the walled areas built by the old empire. The Imperial district is home to The palace of Kervallion, The grand academy as well as the Sages league hall as well as the finest manors, shops, restaurants and bathhouses. Most of the wealthy and powerful Avissium citizens live here including the entirety of the royal court. Many of the building are marble, many of them are finley decorated in imperial and modern decorations and the Aricus river is made to flow in strange patterns from before the fall.

In the past entry to the district required simply a toll and movement between was common, many people worked in the district but lives elsewhere but this changed. With the problems that befell King Richard and the subsequent changes to the government the district was closed to all without a pass and movement between greatly diminished, the elite however found ways to make things work and business and luxury continues.

The Merchant hall
The thieves court
The deep woods


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