Terba castle
snitches get stitches, rats get magic longswords

The party had left The town that platinum built for Estaria on a quest of dubious origin. Thia directed the group towards Terba castle where they where to break into the dungeons to recover something she apparently needed. The party dressed as nicely as they had means to and hid their obvious magic before riding in to meet the lord. Moosa informed lord Merrin that he was in the area searching for his missing scoundrel of a brother in law Berem. Moosa was suspiciously evasive about his own status, Mara had more success first telling the story of one of their bold adventures then negotiating to quickly go down to the dungeons to see in she recognised anybody, leaving the rest to wait outside holding the “Verdent Sun” banner and telling tales of grey renders. There was only one prisoner present in the cells that day Obby “The Rat” who while friendly enough was neither Berem nor an artifact Thia needed. Following Thia’s directions (given through the earrings) Mara checked the back wall of the furthest back cell and spotted a small carved marking, apparently what they where looking for.

Gathering the next day most of the group entered the portable hole while Thia teleported herself through a window in Obby’s cell and into the dungeons. The party regathered from the portable hole and moved to the back cell, briefly joined by Obby before Rolan decided to kill him. At the back wall Thia spoke the words “Let shadows hide what light cannot understand” which opened a secret door into a hidden chamber ( how she knew to do that remains unclear ). The chamber beyond seemed to be some kind of arcane laboratory, a strange find in Estaria, there was a series of tables covered with restraining straps, above the tables was a series of sliding plates that could be moved to uncover magical symbols, Moosa found this out by becoming stunned for a minute. While the rest collected books and tracked down the gold Thia begun messing with a device she pulled from the wall that begun glowing and loudly humming. The noise seemed to alert the dungeon guard though he was unable to interfere as the party had closed the hidden entrance behind them. The device was obtained along with books and gold and the party teleported away.

The party had borrowed there horses from a local village and then left them at the castle before teleporting away, with some cautious use of Rolan’s giant eagles members of the group where able to get back to the castle within a few days and smooth talk their way into getting the horses back while the incident in the dungeons was still confused and unclear. as this trip took place Thia back at the ( safehouse? sanctum? laboratory? ) opened a spellbook to find an arcane symbol that stopped her heart. Fortunately Tavis happened to be stuck in the area and was able to revive her.

The party had stolen a warding device from a hidden and presumably nefarious arcane laboratory in an Estarian landed knight’s castle for reasons if understood by anyone only Thia although seemingly as part of some larger plan. No one had yet clearly worked out what happened in the Terba dungeons but the investigation had begun…

The town that platinum built
The solstice comes and goes and no one gets Edward a shirt

With the raiders defeated the party where able to return to Valandris and see the effects of their Seeds sown. Zanthon made it back and was able to take charge organising a force to travel north and deter raids, soon minor trade deals where set up and and major deals where established with the Hastings who brought in skilled workers to work the towns produce with this the town begun to be prosperous enough that it begun attracting residents from surrounding villages. With the town functioning and stable the party where able to spend some of wealth they had recently acquired, Moosa wanting to form a mercenary company had Giles produce armour for himself and Rolan each emblazoned with his new device, Rolan also took the skin from the grey render fought outside Sannus and had it made into a standard (that was later added to by Giles). Between teleportation circle and the giant eagle/portable hole combination the trip from Valandris to Avissium and back was compared to walking preposterously fast so soon the group where making semi-regular visits back to catch up with old friends especially Zorias who was tasked with improving Moosa’s armour and hand crossbows, Rolan’s armour, new swords and battle (standing) standard and a stockpile of reagents and components that Margret and/or Thia could cast work on a permanent teleportation circle in Valendris. The trips did also provide an opportunity for Thia to personally recruit a paper maker and an alchemist in the hope that they would be useful and not to much like old Thaddius.

As long as they where living in Valendris the party took different roles within the town, Thia lived and worked in the magic academy that Margret had almost accidentally ended up running teaching what she had learnt about “field magic”, she did briefly flirt with the idea of building her own attached tower but decided she would save her efforts for the “Deep woods”. Rolan found that he had (more or less) inspired a hunting lodge but rather than working as part of that he used summoned beasts to tunnel an underground home on the outskirts of town, Mara simply claimed a existing house and set it up with the usual amenities such as noisemaker traps and a poisoners lab, Moosa for his part slept in a broken castle tower until it begun being repaired, he did make plans to build a large reinforced wall but gave up for financial reasons.

Between building, Avissium trips and the northern anti-raid expedition things remained relatively stable, Thia learnt some Estarian and Mara learnt some elvish, Mara had regular breakfasts with Ferri to practice Estarian, Thia met with him regularly to discuss theology. Even Edward ended ip joining the town when winter came. When year’s end and the solstice came the town gathered outside the tavern and around the (suspiciously rapidly) growing apple tree in celebration and an exchange of custom built and magically enchanted gifts, Mara gave Zan axes and he gave her a quiver ( heh ) Thia teleported to Avissium and exchanged a custom rapier for some wine in a showing of how far Thia had come not as alarming as when she took Vancill to Valandris via eagle.

On a cool Elgara winters morning Zorias arrived in town and failed to remain inconspicuous. Strange as it was to see him so far from his store he offered no explanation but asking to see the building the party had promised him. This was strange not as pressing as the opportunity for profit. Thia had come to the party with a job, one to be done in Estaria, the party had surprisingly little questions about where the task came from but did find out that payment came in the form of “they’ll be something valuable there, I’l know it when I see it” at this point this was enough and so through to the magic ( safehouse? sanctum? ) to spend the night before setting off in the morning.

In Estaria’s Terba valley the party sourced horses and directions form a nearby village and begun the journey to Terba castle so that they could get Thia to the castles dungeon where she could……….. do… something.
The party where now in Estaria, Rolan didn’t know the language and Thia couldn’t openly use magic. The party where about to break into a castle, what could go wrong?…


Seeds sown
The party check on Valandris

Storm’s end had come and the party returned to Sannus in celebration with Thia and Moosa jumping fully into celebration and carousing, Mara operated more restrained, Rolan and Howling Under The Two Moons actually left the city to spend time in the forest instead (Mark left the group as soon as they hit land). In the morning the group gathered to discuss their next move and after lengthy discussion they decided to leave the Leaf on the wind in Zanthon’s care and teleport to Avissium (stopping only long enough to purchase health potions, incense and pork) before eagle/walking to Valandris.

Valandris had been doing what it could to establish itself in the party’s absence, Griffolk had apparently been leading while Zanthon was gone, Margret was running something of a small magic academy featuring lectures from unusual sources, the elf Alaina had founded a hunting lodge following on from when Rolan would take those who could out to hunt and the “Ear to the ground” had become a functioning tavern/drug den at the centre of town. Moosa spoke with Giles and was able finally to delver the plans he had, he was also able to visit Ferri and see that the Estarian chapel had been built, Ferri’s reputation had improved when raids increased the need for a healer. Mara checked on Edward who had built a small abode outside the town but had otherwise progressed little.

Before long Hasting men arrived to set up their own storehouse and prepare Hastings plans for the Valandris product soon they would set up production to turn in into various products, the party planned to wait for Zanthon to arrive and finally return to running the town. Valandris was close to becoming self sufficient, so long as raids where kept at bay trade would soon be established that could then attract those needed to convert the harvest into usable product, castle walls or not it would soon be a functioning town…

Storm's end
The party save Sannus

The party had Followed the vowel to exit and found a library/laboratory devoid of life but full of items of interest to one magically inclined as well as of course gold. The group stopped to grab some potions, books and scrolls (and yes all the gold/gems) but had things to do and so where soon off to Sannus to address its pirate problem.

Eagles made to trip preposterously short so it was not long before the party where back at “The captain’s respite” to meet up with Zanthon. While Zan was told about reinforcements hired from the Hastings, Mara and Thia had the not unfamiliar feeling of being watched, investigating the man watching them from the other side of the bar they realised that this was none other than Mark Valor. Mark was told tales of the groups wild and unlikely adventures but had little explanation himself for why he was back in town and indeed watching from the shadows. There was a some time before the hired reinforcements could arrive and in that time was a chance for Zanthon to meet a representative of the sea elves, and in the time before the representative arrived was a chance for Thia to summon and lose control of a water elemental and almost drown.

Eventually all had arrived and planing could begin, Mara had even convinced Tilo Viera and the “Glorious expedition” to join. Planning itself turned out fairly straightforward if not vague, catapults where built and pitch was gathered there was even time for the whole room to listen to Thia’s outburst about the state of Mara and Zanthon’s relationship. And so of sailed the party, most of them on Tilo’s “Stormkiller” with one of the hired wizards and Mara joining Zanthon on the borrowed “Lady’s favour”. Avoiding patrols the small fleet made it to the barrier storm surrounding the raider’s island, Zanthon used a sea elf horn to call for aid and watched as a wall of water begun to rise from within the storm before rolling over and forming an immense tunnel through the storm big enough for the fleet to reach the island, an so it begun.

The Kervallion ships lined up at the beach and as lightning continued to strike at them catapults and mercenaries landed. Thia drank a potion and took to the sky raining pitch and fire, Mara snuck around targeting the stormcallers while Moosa, Rolan and Howling Under The Two Moons ran in sword (and claw) first. Something about one of the academy mages set Mark off somehow and so as the battle begun he took the opportunity to attack unnoticed making short work of the surprised wizard. Summoned insects swarmed from the trees around and attacked the enemy casters, those who lived where picked off by Mara and Mark, Rolan, Howling and Moosa pushed back the main warriors whose communication with their leadership was cut off thanks to Thia.

The warriors on the beach retreated up the hill towards their main camp, the Kervallion forces followed and while Thia saw that the camp was fortified as a second front Moosa and Zanthon where not able to warn their forces in time to stop them from running disorganised into the fortifications. Thia identified something of a leader and magically forced dark and terrible thoughts into his mind, Moosa and Zanthon gathered a unit each to attempt to flank such efforts where extremely effective when combined with assistance from the two remaining academy mages and a giant elk which suddenly arrived and charged. The camp had more stormcallers but they found themselves targeted swiftly from stealth the same as their fellows on the beach had. Just when most had fallen and the battle seemed to be winding down a horn was heard and more warriors charged from a flaming tent with glowing eyes and suicidal confidence. As battle raged on the ground and fire rained from above mara was able to gather that this force had served as a distraction for the raiders leader to escape but as the leader fled the battle was won.

With the battle concluded the camp was searched Zanthon negotiated the dividing of the spoils and Mara released prisoners taken from costal villages, Thia questioned Mark on killing the mage. Mark said that there was just something about him suspicious and familiar, and that when he died his eyes had mysteriously melted from their sockets, Moosa admitted that he was alerted to Marks intentions and had suggested that it might not be noticed if he where not to survive that battle, but admitted that Marks timing was problematic. Thia and Moosa tracked down the corpse and found his eyes intact, protecting their friend they gave the body axe wounds and destroyed the top of its head.

With the raiders seemingly dealt with and the sahuagin having apparently been kept at bay with sea elf assistance that party where free to return finally to Valandris the sail back to Sannus having only one interruption, a lone Sahuagin bearing a message from Sally Sharkguts claiming that if they where interested she had the leader of the Raiders…

Follow the vowel to exit
An Estarian Indicated Offensive Uses

Entering thought the teleportation circle to Destination parts unknown the party at last tracked down Thia Nailo. There was a library, not some old imperial site destroyed with time but a pristine library full of books. It seemed that Thia had been in this room the whole time without even realising how long she had been gone. With no obvious danger Mara sat down to help while the rest searched/rested. The books seemed to contain clues about dangers beyond/arcane knowledge but it was difficult to uncover, books made references that reached across the library, meanings would be uncovered that required rereading back through, clues where found in the room that might have further implications. Howling Under The Two Moons woke those who where sleeping and tried to pull books from hands, given the chance Thia was able to pry herself away and join Moosa at a door he was investigating. Thia gradually realised that while everything seemed important at the time and the feeling that she was close to a breakthrough, looking back she couldn’t remember a single piece of relevant information.

Thia and Moosa entered a room primary defined by a large hourglass on the back wall which flipped over as they entered the room and the door sealed behind them. On the walls where leavers three with marks symbolizing schools of magic (conjuration, illusion and abjuration) and three more on the other wall showing 1, 2 and U. There was also a leaver that reset the hourglass and the other leavers. While Rolan and T.B.H. tried to break down the door to no avail Thia and Moosa worked through every solution they could come up with periodically reseting when they could. After much time with no success they decided to let the hourglass run out, when it did a sigiled rod fell out and the door opened.

The second door featured a series of disks suspended from the ceiling by chains above a pool of boiling mud with occasional geysers. Mara was at one point knocked off but was saved by Rolan and the two made it across to another rod. The third room had a clearly visible third rod on a pedestal, the entirety of the rest of the room was covered un unknown sigils and circles, Rolan walked into the room, took the rod and left without consequence.

The three rods fit into indents in a wall to form a magic door leading to a new room. The new room featured three numbered doors (1, 2 and 3) on the floor was text
“Follow the vowel to exit”
Thinking that the vowel in follow was O and the number one begins with O Thia entered the first door where she found three slaadi.
Rather than grey or red these where blue and green, the green threw a fireball injuring (most) of the party. Those hit by the blue Slaad claws often found themselves infected with chaos phage and found themselves unable to recover from injury, Thia found herself unconscious and unable to recover until she was dragged away by Tavis and he used his one Elixir of health. While the fight seemed dire Thia returned and leveled a psychic attack on the remaining slaad. Eventually with some difficulty the party won.

Most of the party where now infected and so decided to return to Avissium. At considerable cost Moosa purchased the required elixirs. Before they went to rest Mara and Thia stopped of to see Erin Hastings and further negotiate business with Valendris (to mixed success.

Teleporting back the group looked to reassess the puzzle briefly before Rolan played the odds and entered the third door (It was not a good door). Investigating further it was noticed that the word “Follow” was more heavily indented and that the first two letters where somewhat worn as if touched by many hands. Eventually the party entered the second door. The new room featured three numbered doors (1, 2 and 3) on the floor was text
“Follow the vowel to exit”
Investigating further it was noticed that the word “the” was more heavily indented and that the letters where somewhat worn as if touched by many hands.
The party followed the vowel to exit.

The sequence ended at a furnished abode floor-to-ceiling bookshelves lined the walls, everburning torches illuminated the room, and cushioned chairs and tables provided comfortable places to read. There was a complete alchemists lab, a large balcony and a door to where the treasure lay. Looking of the balcony to a decidedly non Kervallion landscape the party wondered what they might achieve with a horde of gold, platinum and gems…

Destination parts unknown
The party seek out the worst that could happen

Moosa had spent his time apart Buying new friends, the rest spent their time apart fighting the terrors of the deep, with the party back together it was time to return to the capital in search of allies and standing staves. Given the party’s masterful diplomacy it would be prudent to restock health potions and so to Zorias’ they went. Among the purchases was burning oil and exploding stones for Rolan, as well as two specific commissions, one to have Thia’s aquatically acquired arcane focus enchanted with the “Zorias special” the other a years worth of components suitable for the spell “teleportation circle” surely to only be put to good use.

Moosa wanted to visit Joanna Zahn and give her a gift, on the suggestion of Mara this ended up being a pair of songbirds. Over lunch Moosa, Mara and Joanna discussed the state of the Zahn business and the Zahn’s partnership with the Hastings. After a stop of wherein Rolan purchased an engagement ring(?) there was a visit to Erin Hastings herself. Rolan, Mara and Howling Under The Two Moons came along but immediately made excuses and left Moosa alone with Erin, he took the opportunity to tell her that he was afraid of her and saw her as a “force of nature”. When Mara returned she begun setting up a deal where Valandris would sell its “produce” to her and it would become rope and other products possible further exported by Tilo Viera.

Day turned to night and the party (mostly) regathered, Moosa’s hirelings had been sent out to explore the city and where now asked to map their experiences and they more or less succeeded. When Thia failed to appear Mara took a trip to Vancill’s to see if and how she might be “otherwise engaged” he however hadn’t seen her since that morning. The last Thia had said about her plans had included Zorias’ and “The Grand Academy” and so to the academy Mara went “of corse i’m allowed her how else would I have gotten in?”. Investigating the library Mara found a magical sigil drawn on the floor and someone reasserting nearby, it seemed that Thia had found a example drawing of a teleportation circle in a book and decided to see if it actually connected, it did so Thia promptly jumped in knowing nothing of where it led. Mara gathered the party and asked the mage to recast the spell before leading them on to parts unknown…

Buying new friends
The party kill weird stuff on instinct now

With somewhat Sunken hopes Rolan, Thia, Mara and Howling Under The Two Moons returned to Sanuus to catch up with Moosa who it seemed had made some new friends. Tavis, Hallan and Berem, mercenaries apparently hired by Moosa to come along from now on. Back in a town Moosa ran through his usual ritual of ordering a strange commission (boat wheels) and hunting with Rolan and Howling under the two moons, on this particular hunt they saw signs of a large creature having moved through the area and decided to investigate. What they found was a large bipedal grey beast eating deer. Rolan conjured a giant elk and ambushed the creature slaying it before it could flee. Thia and Mara had heard signs of battle through their earrings and so arrived soon after and decided to investigate a nearby cave likely the beasts destination. Inside Thia found a tree and a woman who based on the green skin and home was likely fey, upon hearing of the creatures death the woman seemed shocked and confused that it would attack without provocation. With little to add the Nailós left the woman and set about harvesting the creature for its hide, claws and blood.


Zanthon had organised the beginning of a merchant/mercenary militia and had taken three ships to respond to raids on costal villages, the day after the party arrived in Sannus he returned with two. Zan was able to tell the party of fighting raiders and dodging lightning, the party where able to tell him of Toads and turtles. Rolan denied the party the benefit of his political insights by leaving to challenge Tilo Viera to a game of strategy and wit, when he begun loosing he attacked and fled. When Mara heard of this she left the Zan conversation to make sure her plans for Tilo remained intact leaving Thia and Moosa to hear Zan’s suggestion that Thia convince “The Grand Academy” to render assistance, she was a student there right? she could talk to them surely.

Just as night fell the prince’s allies brought their (more or less) Estarian mercenaries through a magic circle to arrive in Avissium’s Grand Academy. Moosa and Rolan would bring the mercs to Zorias’ for crossbows, potions and standing staves leaving Thia to convince the Academy mages to help fight raiders, what could go wrong…

Sunken hopes
The party visits the Trench

The party found themselves underwater encountering Elves that aren’t elves Toads that aren’t toads and traveling down towards the city of the aquatic elves. The city was only referred to as the city because to the residents it was the City. Here the party found a palace and having entered every previous palace they had encountered it seemed only natural to take a tour, the tour included the banquet hall and the kelp fields but the party’s attention was most captured by the open air gardens. The open air gardens where as the name suggested not submerged in water as the rest of the city was but open air under a glass dome and sunlight(?). The gardens gave the party to collect themselves before petitioning for aid against the storm raiders with Mara and Thia taking local clothing before any meeting. Meeting with Andorel (the aged woman who said little in this meeting but seemed to be ok with the party having heard of sahuagin slaying), a cloaked individual (who said nothing) and Masibo (who seemed to actually speak for The City) the party proposed trade between the sea elves and Kervallion and of course assistance against the storm raiders. Negotiations seemed to be going about as well as could be expected when Masibo proposed the “traditional trial” claiming that no deal could be concluded before the party’s commitment was proven.

It turned out that the traditional trial was a somewhat archaic ritual involving bringing back a trophy from “The Trench”, The trench turned out to be a great chasm loading down into darkness seemingly endlessly, by the time the party stopped at a wall cave they could no longer see the top, the cave became a long tunnel of jagged rock which eventually led up to an open air cavern. This cavern proved to be occupied, inside was a sea elf apparently stuck in the cave to afraid to go forward or back. Friendly reasonable folk that the party where they took him along moving forward in search of something to kill, besides Thia and Mara had already suspected that this trip was secretly for them to rescue someone.

The group moved to a large open and pitch black expanse of in the distance a feint blue glow could be seen investigating further it proved to be a small amount of coral unusual placed and isolated, looking ahead another patch could be seen, the third light moved slightly bobbing up and down, Rolan threw his magically illuminated trident at the light and revealed the creature waiting for them.


Things begun badly and Thia was swallowed whole by the beast and things seemed bad… that was until there was a flash of light, a muted explosion and Thia was regurgitated. Injured the beast could not stand up to Rolan and Howling Under The Two Moons. When the beast died the sea elf they had befriended crawled from its gullet, they hadn’t seen him swallowed that couldn’t mean anything right? probably it was just stealthy.

On the way back their companion continued to be “squirrely”, eventually he made one reference to many to things he shouldn’t know and when confronted attacked. Thia and Rolan when attacked bled a sticky black ooze and Rolan found himself somewhat impaled, but in the end their foe was defeated and when dead reverted into a almost familiar black toad creature.

Returning to the city with angler teeth and toad corpse the underwater leadership agreed to speak with prince Zanthon to negotiate further. The group retired to the gardens and after a barrel bath met with the cloaked figure from the meetings Afeir of the water druids. Afeir claimed to be a friend of Longwood and by extension the party, he had some interest in the toad creatures (Slaads) and claimed they worked for the same forces as the Sahuagin. Thia tried to draw a connection between the rune scarred raiders and the biologically warped sahuagin but Afeir claimed no knowledge of the raiders, he did have two gifts for the party however a bowl and a spell.

Back in a Kerallion forest the party begun the trip back to Sannus it seemed that the sea elves could soon be allies but who knew what could have happened in their absence and what the raiders would do next…

Elves that aren't elves Toads that aren't toads
The party rescue dragon turtle eggs

The party found themselves in an underwater sahuagin temple fighting Toads and turtles. Having defeated the warped dragon turtle hatchling the group erected a magic dome to block the entrance and give them a safe place to rest and recover before moving deeper into the temple. By the time the party did move onward they knew that their presence must be known, despite this with magic items and Rolan’s spells they where able to get the drop on what turned out to be one last sahuagin priestess clearly altered in a manor similar to the previous priestess and the dragon turtle, guarding the priestess where two large red “toadlike” creatures vaguely similar to the creature they had seen previously. Attacking together from stealth the party won with minimal injury and where thus able to claim the treasure stored in the priestess’s room.

At what turned out to be the back end of the temple was another underwater reef section containing sharks, unresponsive sahuagin and dragon turtle eggs. It was shortly after the sharks where defeated that small creatures burrowed out of the sahuagin’s chests swam up to the eggs and begun trying to burrow into them. Here to save the eggs the party begun attacked the foot long tadpole like creatures and had them dead before any more than one egg was destroyed.

Before leaving the group did investigate a side room which turned out to be the “temple” part of the sahuagin temple. Thia’s standing stave was destroyed by the trapped door, the contents of the room where destroyed by Rolan and Moosa. Rolan and Moosa bled into a pool until a statue and chest appeared out of it. Collecting the treasure of the temple the party had gold, gems and a crown to aid their mildly dire financial situation there was also the cloak styled after a manta ray that aided the user in swimming effectively and granted knowledge of the sahuagin language as well as the trident “Obedience” that could be used to command creatures of the sea, both went to Mara.

Returning to the “Leaf on the wind” the next stem would be a meeting with the sea elves, Moosa decided that someone should return to Sanuus to make sure efforts there where progressing and so once again left the party taking the ship with him. The rest druided to an forgotten island where Oron lived. Oron was an elf and it seemed not one of the bluegreen sea elves like Corselle, still he invited the party back to his small house, offered refreshments and asked their story, Oron (who was it seemed at least aquatinted with Longwood ) claimed to behind their goals but suggest that it wasn’t his decision. At the conclusion of the conversation they where asked to wait on the beach and “look west”.

Along with Corselle the party waited on the beach with a small table of ale, looking to the west they saw buildings rise up from the water, almost a whole town with some sort of ground beneath. Along with the buildings came people, more like Corselle like elves but not quite they gathered on either side of the “road” and watched the party as they walked to a prominent tower. Sitting on a throne of coral(?) was Andorel who demanded that each person present introduce themselves and…
When told about the raiders Andorel questioned what business it was of hers, as Thia and Mara where beginning to think that they wouldn’t get anything from this Corselle told of the partiy’s efforts to save the dragon turtle eggs and ruin the Sahuagin temple, this seemed to have an effect as Andorel immediately offered wine(?) to the group and the whole structure begun to sink.

The Sahuagin had been dealt with ( for now ) but to deal with the storm raiders the party suspected they would need druid assistance, in the end one question remained, Where these sea elves or water druids ant whats the difference?…

Toads and turtles
The party enter the Sahuahin temple

The party took a Leaf on the wind out to sea and swam down underwater to attack a sahuagin temple.

The party took a rest inside the underwater form of the usual dome to recover a little before what was sure to be more fighting. Fighting came when the party emerged onto a beach occupied by a sahuagin priestess who shortly after combat begun caused the water itself to rise up and attack the party (not that it stopped the party from cutting her down). The priestess was guarding an altar and serpent head carvings, some of the serpent heads held pearls carved with a crude shark tooth symbol and matching that up to one they had already and one formally in the priestess’s possession the party had a fairly clear idea of what to do, under the altar was a chest of offerings which amongst the gold and items that would be exchanged for gold was a magical pearl that was given to Rolan that he might cast more spells in a day. Two sahuagin barons and a huge shark guarded the last marked pearl… then they didn’t.

The mechanism opened the gate to the temple proper, before entering the party met another aquatic elf, Drake the younger brother of Corselle he was able to recognize that if they where swimming, breathing and talking underwater they had probably met his sister, Drake would contact his sister while the party fought the greatsword wielding sahuagin in the next room. The party traveled up stairs into the open air of the temple where they where met with a fireball. In the resulting conflict Mara claimed to hear a voice in her mind encouraging her to further violence, a claim not addressed by the rest. The “sahuagin” when attacked bled something of a black sludge and when it died its form reverted to that of a large black load like creature.


With that fight concluded Corselle and Drake caught up and warned the party that they should take a second to rest before continuing, and indeed the group did take a short break. Moving further into the temple the party entered a large room with a pool of water in its centre in the pool was a turtle(?) perhaps twenty five feet long with a large spiked shell, six eyes on each side of its head and the capability to produce a blast of burning steam from its mouth deadly enough to render Thia unconscious. Mara dragged Thia back to Corselle as Rolan, Moosa and Howling Under The Two Moons engaged the creature. Moosa hoped to acrobatically evade he creatures strikes but found that the ground had warped it became soft and difficult to move through. Rolan slashed his sword(?) causing fish to fall from the creatures mouth, Howling bit and Mara shot. A revived thia transported herself on top of the beast’s back and hurled fire, it did not survive Moosa’s subsequent shots.

The party where investigating stolen Dragon Turtle eggs and this was clearly a Dragon turtle hatchling but it had somehow become warped and corrupted. Behind was an unidentified toad creature ahead was no doubt more Sahuagin. the path ahead was dangerous but would hopefully gain the assistance of the aquatic druids against the storm raiders, or you know at least lead to some gold…


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