Beware the Spider-Bear
Did you ever climb trees as a child?

Waking up from an evening of fighting assassins and being told “They’re spiders thats what they do”, the party were faced with the same group of satyrs that they had encountered previously wanting apparently to join with the group to get away from the spiders and “all kinds of things bears, wolves ,pixies, fairies, druids, trees…”. The party stayed for awhile gathering supplies and continuing Mara’s education in the elvish language. The satyrs stayed around until Moosa told them of the fearsome “Spider-bear” a terrible combination of a giant spider and a black bear that feasted on hooves (not unlike the satyrs had) and was attracted be the smell of traditional humanoid feet (not unlike the rest of the party had), suddenly the satyrs had to leave “other business, forest stuff involving bushes and trees and… things”.

Free of their unwanted companions the party were able to move further on deeper into the forest until they camped near what was now larger thicker trees. On watch Mara spoke with Griffolk about his career plans, whether he could go back to The Sages league or needed Mara to help him find something. On his watch Rolan explained his history to Zanthon who promised that if by some terrible mistake he actually succeeded and became king he would have to look into the Silverthorns. On Thia’s watch instead of talking she listened and what she heard far off in the forest was a panicked individual singing a improvised lullaby reminiscent of what Moosa had told the satyrs to do if they encountered the “Spider-Bear”. investigating further with Moosa Thia found a broken end of a panpipe, investigating further they found one of the satyrs eating a fish near a waterfall. the satyr claimed that his companions had been taken by the “Spider-Bear” and he had fled to “the waterfall that grants wishes” (what?), by this time Rolan, Mara and Zanthon had been woken and had caught up. The gathered group (Satyr included) went to investigate further finding bits of webbing, tufts of fur and signs of a struggle, some of the fur on further inspection was not satyr fur but closer to a bear, it was considered that the culprit could be someone like Sariel who could take a bear or spider form at will. Rolan found enough of a trail to follow it back to a gargantuan tree.

The way the branches of the tree lay with its neighbors it would be (somewhat) possible to climb up but there was much danger involved even without considering what they might find at the top. Given the Varying climbing ability of the group they decided to tie themselves together with rope to support each other they decided not to include Zanthon in this so he moved with the group and tried to help anyone who was in trouble. When Moosa fell Thia was somehow able to support his weight until he could be helped… twice “ha’riy sha iya’au raunnagh ra’soms oa iya’au liaus rarlfa ra’m hmoo soa’cs llaha’au ghoagh aus nnarroc” , she was even able to hold on when Moosa, Mara and Rolan fell somehow in the moment Thia found the strength to save the party from an assuredly lethal fall. At this point the party was trying to find something to help Moosa, Zanthon was hanging upside down helping Mara with a plan involving a grappling hook but Moosa elected simply to disconnect himself and stay behind, Mara gave Zanthon a kiss on the cheek and climbed upwards.

Approaching the top of the tree there was something of a structure, a wooden building complete with balcony (featuring suspicious web strand). With magically altered stealth the party climbed up and looked inside only to see a large skittering snarling creature that could only be the Spider-Bear…

They're spiders thats what they do
Now your camping with magic

Having convinced Zanthon with a speech about Your duty to Kervallion the party were heading into the forest hoping to make it back to Avissium without running to as many assassins, and so into the woods went Rolan and Thia Nailò, Moosa, Mara, Mark Valor, Griffolk, Zanthon and two men Zanthon claimed to trust. Back in his preferred environment Rolan had some clear ideas about not disturbing nature beginning with asking the party to remove their shoes before entering the forest (only Moosa complied in the end). Where the party rested they gathered nuts, berries and roots for food and slept under a magical dome created by Thia each night.

The party were being led on and off by a mixed group of birds along with a deer (arranged by Rolan’s contact with druids) but as they traveled the birds started to go missing Mara noticed that they were getting caught in large subtle spider webs then something large (a spider?) pulled the deer up into the trees, their guides now dead the party were interested in investigating the spider situation this was more aggressive and far reaching than Rolan might have expected. Soon the party came across a grassy clearing attached to a cliff face and cave, sneaking up Rolan and Thia saw points of light floating in the air that turned out to be a web stretching thirty feet across the clearing with trapped pixies. They rescued the pixies who left with little more than a “ruuc uid llus dha rfainas” and a thumbs up. Less friendly was the twenty, 5 foot long spiders rushing out of the cave. This was initially very threatening but ended more manageable when Thia created a large sphere of water that trapped most of the group allowing the party to fight spiders in smaller groups.

The party wanted to investigate the cave, Zan was sceptical if the usefulness of this endeavor but went along with their plan, that plan being all waiting outside the cave save for Rolan, Thia , Moosa and Mara (Mark could appreciate a chance to stay on watch now that he was able to). With the techniques taught to him by the druids Rolan was able to make the party almost impossibly stealthy, that is except for Moosa whose job it was to hold the (magical) torch. the cave interior was pitch dark and covered with web along the way Moosa was briefly caught by a large (perhaps 11 feet) spider before Rolan killed it. While the rest stopped to harvest materials form the spider Thia snuck ahead to find a large better lit chamber with at least seven of the large spiders and a makeshift hut not so dissimilar to the sort that rolan might make, inside of which was an elf wearing clothing partially made of spider carapace and web. Returning to the group Thia suggested something of an unusual plan for this party, they could talk to the elf.

This friendly conversation would begin with Moosa sneaking to within the confines of the hut before beginning to talk greatly surprising the elf in the somewhat awkward conversation that followed as they tried to work through Moosa’s accent and three more surprise appearances, the elf claimed to simply be a druid with an interest in spiders to questions regarding the spiders diet and actions responses revolved around a “their spiders thats what they do” the man had apparently charmed the spiders to leave him alone and seemed to have some control of them. Upon being told not to kill any of the spiders the party elected to make a swift exit (past the large spider corpse and what was twenty small ones), When Zanthon asked if they had found the treasure they claimed to seek they responded that they had found “A wealth of knowledge”.

Having moved on and sleeping again (this time in two domes) a group of three assassins armed with poisoned crossbows snuck up to the opaque domes, they positioned themselves in three separate trees apparently planning to ambush in the morning when the domes were removed. You might imagine their surprise when from within the domes came arrows and bolts and magic missiles killing one and all but killing the other two. Those who remained expertly snuck away into the night, an endeavor what might have worked was it not for the inevitable blood trail one leaves with an arrow in the eye. The same four returned to the spider cave when the trail led thusly. The first surviver seemed to have been killed by a large spider (though his companion seemed to have avenged him) the second had the druid at knife point and was surrounded by spiders, this complicated situation was quickly resolved with magic missiles, the party left with the kine encouragement of “please fuck off and never come back”

Returning to their “campsite” the group searched the area and looted the remaining body finding a full vial of assassin poison, they did also find in a nearby bush a discarded cork but this was probably unimportant, a red herring, besides they would have to focus on more relevant issues like the approaching satyrs…

Your duty to Kervallion
The party convinces Zanthon to return to Avissium

The two ships arrived back from Raiding the Raiders and the party went to find Mark and Griffolk who had apparently successfully sold the siren corpses. At the captains respite they rested and drunk free bourbon. In the morning they visited the Estarian priest they had rescued and inquired about Mark’s sight. Thia would take some time so Thia took the opportunity to track down some mages in town and Moosa found someone to work on his armour. When they returned the priest was finished, Mark walked out wearing clean white robes and a necklace a white crystal held in a gold loop miraculously he could see again, in fact he could see Mara and Griffolk for the first time he was warned however that maintaining his sight was difficult and the device may at some point need to be recharged, assuming this would be Estarian prayer Moosa promised to handle it.

As they left the chapel Rolan snuck off to contact the druids while the rest of the party begun speaking to Zanthon. The party took the position that it was time that he took up his role as leader of Kervallion, while Zan wanted to focus on his duty to Sannus rather than of all Kervalion but Moosa maid the point in great detail that they would become one and the same. Eventually Zan was more or less convinced even agreeing to go along with the somewhat questionable plan of taking him back to Avissium, the party seemed more convinced than Zanthon that this could end without a civil war.

Zan was given the rest of the day to prepare as was Thia who was able to get assistance with the book from the Grand academy vault enough to learn a new spell, there was also enough time to sell the raider ship and distribute the rewards. They met up with Zanthon who had chosen two of his most trusted men to come along. Rolan had arranged for a path through the woods and so it was on their way to the edge of Sannus that Rolan spotted Arthur and Waltin the Sages league travelers who had attacked Griffolk. They attacked with poisoned crossbows but the party struck back with Thia burning and hen stabbing Waltin and Mark successfully climbing to the rooftop where Arthur was shooting from while Moosa threw out commands. In the end Arthur and Waltin were dead and the party were not so onward they went.

At the edge of the forest a stag and a group of birds waited from here the party would take Zanthon through the forest to try and make it back to Avissium…

Raiding the Raiders
The party heads to sea

The party were on a sea voyage one of Salty sailors and saltier sirens, they were attempting to rescue a kidnapped priest with Zanthon. Mark and Griffolk had been dropped off at shore to deliver the salted creatures back to town but they had retrieved his earing. Sailing towards an archipelago thought to be used by raiders, the ship encountered a strange rock walls, a collection of walls and small islands many of which seemed geologically… unlikely. It was noticed that there were groups of sharks following behind and many seagulls, this being somewhat suspicious Rolan elected to use his talents to communicate with the creatures and he was able to (after realising he was unable to speak underwater). Some interrogating later and it seemed that others had been dumping food into the water on behalf of a strange local authority possibly a sea hag.

Traveling on an island was spotted in the distance along with it a ship likely belonging to those they had been hunting. Zanthon told the party that he was interested in their capabilities and would allow them to take the lead as they saw fit, given this the party approached the ship on a rowboat operated by some of the crew as the sun set behind them. The shot at shat watchers were there until Thia appeared on the ship with a misty step and Moosa helped launch Rolan up behind her. The watchers were defeated and the ship was searched, Rolan found barrels of chum, Moosa found a sleeping (then dead) crewman, Thia and Mara searched the captains quarters (making it past a trap) wherein they noticed unrecognised symbols carved into the table, the walls and a compass which Mara took.

Sneaking their way onto the island the party found a small tent city where the raider crew had camped most of them in various states of drunkenness and unconsciousness working their way around to the back they found the priest they were looking for albeit without a necessary necklace now in the possession of the raider captain. As the priest was hidden in the portable hole “look a hidden basement” the party split up Rolan and Thia ignited the alcohol storage and with flaming swords and fire bolts worked through the camp meanwhile Moosa and Mare effectively worked together to assassinate the captain and retrieve the holy symbol and other prisoners. With a panicked and burning camp behind them the party left with both ships watching behind as they saw the worst storm any of them had ever seen move over the island as it disappeared into the distance.

The two ships where moving back through the strange rock formations when scaled humanoid creatures collapsed some of the wall separating the ships and attacked leaving Mara and Thia to begin the fight without the ret of the party as Thia tried to dight without burning their ship. Rolan found a way to swing across and Moosa was able to make ranged attacks but some damage had been done. When one of the creatures almost killed Thia she gave up caution and spread fire over their section of the ship magically shaping the effect to kill only the attackers.

The two ships traveled back towards Sanuus as the party dreamed of taking their newly liberated gold to Zorias’s they just had to make it past the assassins…

Salty sailors and saltier sirens
The party begins an impromptu fishing session

While Mara looked after The captain of Sannus the rest of the party tracked down Mark who as it turned out had recruited Griffolk to look around town for signs of the symbols seen on his disk and in the academy. Grifolk was paid to stay along as they visited an Estarian chapel seeking a cure for Mark only to find that the person they were looking for had been taken in a raid on a nearby fishing village.

The party retired to “The captain’s respite” tomorrow they would join Zanthon’s crew to hunt down the raiders. Mark spent some time drinking until he had the courage to ask the party (Griffolk included) upstairs for a private conversation. Mark told the party that he suspected that the Sages League members that stabbed Griffolk where part of The Ordo Noctum a secret organisation who apparently gather pre-fall artifacts with intentions for world conquest. To Moosa’s annoyance Mark could provide little more information and not Griffolk or anyone else in the party had heard of the group.

In the morning the party joined a crew of mostly regulars from “The captain’s respite” on Zanthon’s ship and headed out for some of them their first trip at sea. Mara had begun learning elvish from Thia, Rolan practiced with his new whip and the rest mostly stayed out of others way. As night fell all but Mark stayed up and enjoyed a tea Rolan had brewed it was a pleasant enough evening until Moosa had to save Rolan from an unexpected urge to jump overboard where there were apparently creatures seeking to eat him. Moosa was next to try so Rolan jumped after him and was able to attach his whip to the whip Thia had conjured. By the time the fight was finished one of the creatures was pinned to the side of the ship by vines that had suddenly grown out of its back and another was dead but still attached to Moosa’s leg. Thia elected to preserve two of the creatures in the hopes that some scholar would be willing to pay for the opportunity to study them.

The ship arrived at the village and obtained enough information to work out where to look next, there was a cove sometimes used by the raiders known for its strange possible magical properties…

The captain of Sannus
The party has their first brush with royalty

The caravan after A short stop soon arrived in Sanuus a port city and the second largest city in Kervallion. Mark split off from the party t follow a lead about fixing his eyesight feeling that he had to do it on his own. This left to the rest to complete the deliveries led by Mara the first took a collection of very fine wine to a friend of Gaius’s at a restaurant in town, next was a shipment of Zorias’s magical goods from the Zahn and Hastings families, these they delivered to the merchant Tilo Viera though not without him proposing to both Mara and Thia.

Rolan investigated and discovered that Zanthon was well liked about town and was considered something on an unofficial leader, the person you speak to wen your in trouble, more relevantly he could be found at an establishment named “The captains respite”. upon confronting him Zanthon appeared ignorant of any threat against him but willing to hear them out. Mara received word that Griffolk had been attacked and was hiding out in a nearby cave. Mara and Thia went out to find and heal him, apparently he had been attacked by his Sages league companions and left for dead while they circled back to town, he apparently had no idea why.

After dropping him off at a healer they returned to the Captains respite to find someone trying to deliver (likely) poisoned wine, admitting under interrogation that he had been paid well to do so by some strange man in an alleyway. Rolan and Moosa tracked down his “employer” and found Thaddius Quickmire who was easily detained. Apparently for those who hear such things there was a sizeable reward available for killing Zanthon. Mara (accidentally) revealed that Zan was also Prince Zanthon heir to Kervallion. The favorite theory was that Zanthons uncle Prince Regent Renwick was responsible seeking to secure the throne. At first the party wanted to fake Zanthon’s death but realised that him being royalty that might more cause more problems than it solved, Zanthon had little interest in civil war or any plan which ended with him king. They decided that their best plan might be to hide him possibly in Avissium despite it being full of spies and likely enemies because it it would be so unlikely to work no one would look.

There was every indication that there were more assassins to come some experienced but Moosa theorised that the large reward would draw out the enthusiastic amateurs. For whatever reason Longwood had tasked Rolan with saving Zanthon so for the moment thats what the plan…

A short stop
Mark encounters a small problem

Having defeated The dragon of iron pass the party were getting towards the end of their journey to Sanuus. Moosa had essentially become leader of the caravan and as such led the guards and maintained order, Mara focused her attention on the others in the caravan looking out for secrets and threats, Mark found himself almost unconsciously translating a book Thia was reading through their earrings. Rolan re-examined a golden marble the party had found previously he discovered that if placed on the ground it would travel down the centre of the road down the mountain at a walking pace. As the party journeyed down they saw ahead a military/logging camp but before they arrived the marble suddenly veered off the road and towards wilderness. While Rolan, Moosa and Mara scouted ahead to make sure the army was friendly Thia took Mark to follow the marble.

Thia and Mark followed the marble to a cave inside of which they found a locked door. Mark found that despite the blindness he had no trouble picking the lock. What they discovered beyond was a series of disused rooms (likely pre-fall) with increasingly oversized furniture separated by a series of long hallways eventually leading to outside to a vision of immense oversized trees and grass as well as a huge bird which swooped down and took Mark, Thia got a shot off but it soon escaped taking mark out of range for the earrings to work. Thia traveled back through the cave and back to the camp to meet back up with the rest of the party. Rolan was able to find roughly where the back of the cave should have been on the outside and Mara spotted a very small door on the mountainside, Mark had been magically shrunk and taken by a local bird.

Back to normal size the Thia’s earring again worked so they were able to find out Mark had been taken back to the nest, Rolan spotted the nests nearby and the party split up. Using techniques he had learnt during his time with the druids Rolan convinced (bribed) a bird to help them. Mara climbed a tree and found mark locked in combat with baby birds and was able to aid him, the original bird attacked but was driven off by Rolan’s avian ally.
With this Thia was able to go back through the caves and lead Mark back through.

The party arrived back at their caravan from an unexplained absence with a mysteriously injured Mark, those in the caravan were curious and the suspicious when Thia created a magical dome for the party to speak in private notable including Mara who seemed to be becoming a de facto member of the party but not Moosa who was focusing on the possibilities presented by the strange cave. apparently with the support of the party Mara stealthy looked through the belongings of Griffolk and the other Sages league members of the caravan though learned little.

The caravan arrived at a camp where the armies of the region were mustering and logging. Mark and Rolan found themselves with little to do and so simply relaxed, Mara joined them but continued to keep a suspicious eye out, Thia introduced herself to the local wizard a Omar Elabrand and was able to convince him to teach her something about fire magic. moosa encountered a group of Estarian mercenaries and so was able to enjoy some artifact of home, more practically he was able to trade some of the collected armaments he had gathered (as well as gold) for a hand crossbow and a battered set of Estarian half-plate (as well as a whip for Rolan).

Soon the party traveled on and arrived at Sannus much of the caravan left them then but the party realised they had much to do and many to visit without any knowledge of the city, except of corse Mara who had worked in Sannus before and that is how Mara came to remain with the party at least for the time being…

The dragon of iron pass
Rolan slays the dragon

The party arrived at a reststop frequented by musicians, actors and other performers as the caravan stopped to resupply. They were questioned about their tales and adventures and Mark soon found himself on stage telling the tale of how he was blinded. Rolan diverted attention to himself without actually committing to telling his tale himself leaving the locals to begin telling his tales for him, these begun as pure fiction (albeit with a few good guesses) until Thia begun quietly feeding information to the storytellers. The party settled in and enjoyed the hospitality the tavern offered it was likely to be the most comfortable rest spot until they reached Sanuus.

Moosa sought out the alchemist Thaddeus in hopes of curing marks blindness, through the threats the alchemist lied about possessing Letho venom and succeeded only in giving Mark strange insect eyes leaving him uncomfortable horrific to look at and still blind. later they would try more and more potion from the old alchemist but they succeeded in giving Mark monstrous features. Through more threats, payment and violence Mark was (rather uncomfortably) cured of his condition and Thaddeus left the caravan.

Attached to the tavern was an encampment with stages and tents that when night fell formed into something of a night festival. Rolan watched a fire swallower and unwilling to pay to learn how attempted to replicate the act, it failed. Moosa started a shooting display that turned into a shooting/archery/throwing contest involving the whole party and any other archers around. as the competition wore on favorites like Moosa dropped out until all that remained was Thia with a bow and the still blind Mark doing impossibly well throwing his rapier that is until Mark hit the audience with his throw, ending the competition with Thia the winner and Mark receiving judgemental looks.

The caravan left early in the morning and headed for the mountains and had to contend with narrow cliffs and harpys before arriving in a small desolate mining village. When Moosa questioned the locals about the desolate nature of the town he was informed that it was under threat from a dragon. There was some discussion amongst that party about the truth of the towns claims given that dragons don’t exist. Despite warnings Moosa mercenary that he was got the party hired as dragon slayers for what payment the town could gather. It was that night while most of the party slept that a thunderous roar was heard and Mara and Thia saw a winged shape silhouette in the moonlight high in the mountains that soon soon swooped down at great speed as Mark, Moosa and Rolan were awoken just in time to see a orange glow from the window as the shape emitted great gouts of flame on the building of the town. Bolts and arrows missed the fast moving shape in the dark but a use of “Magic missiles” diverted its course somewhat before it returned to the mountain. Thia did what she could with her fire stopping wand before the party resolved to travel up the mountain to hunt the beast.

The party traveled into a abandoned section of the mines and traveling through the night found a hidden door leading a section showing signs of gold veins. Rolan snuck on ahead to find a secret chamber where he saw the dragon. The dragon was a large wooden structure with wings suitable for gliding, an arcane focus in the “mouth” and space for a human to control it, the human in question appeared to be an old man that had warned the party off wearing a black and red cloak to blend in with the contraption. Rolan from his hidden position coated a hand crossbow bolt with the contents of one of the vials he had found some time ago, which when it struck the man seemed to paralyze him. As the man remained completely unable to move in any capacity the party were able to go through his notes, they indicated that he discovered the mines hidden value and concocted a plan to scare of the population so as to claim it all for himself. The party claimed what gold had already been collected and traveled back down the mountain to claim their reward for slaying the dragon…

Roadside quarrels
The party makes new friends

The party had left Avissium leaving behind all their allies “Until we see you again”, there would however be opportunities to make new allies. Hunting in the forest Rolan and Moosa encountered a clearing wherein men with goat legs were enthusiastically celebrating the obscure “Cuftbert” day. Seeing the dancing and singing, the food and the drink somehow Moosa couldn’t help but join in, sensing something was wrong Rolan sent a message back for aid. When the rest of the party arrived they brought two allies from the caravan Mara a woman possessing some skill with knives and stealth and Griffolk a Sages league Shield-man. Unfortunately upon arriving Mara was caught up in the celebration similarly to Moosa. Between Rolan, Thia and Mark the group were able to identify the Satyrs as creatures from old stories many of them contradictory but it was clear these individuals simply seeked sensation and excess taking “Cuftbert day” as an excuse to celebrate. Thia created a distracting illusion so as to allow Roan and Griffolk to sneak up and collect Mara and Moosa. Griffolk managed to pick up Mara (and inadvertently a satyr) and take her far enough from the glade that whatever was affecting her seemed to stop, Rolan on the other hand was unable to out-grapple Moosa and so was stuck there long enough to be affected and join the celebration.\ Mark tried to snap Rolan out of it with violence with limited success. Thia spoke with the Satyrs and said she and her friends were going to pick up more alcohol and so was able to get everyone back to the caravan and away.

As the journey continued people joined and left the group,among them was a group of experienced guards who bored and confidant picked a fight with the party insulting their use of ranged weapons and rapiers. Mark stepped in and was soon in a one on one non lethal fight. For a blind man Mark preformed admirably before falling, still he won after a fashion there being no pride in beating a blind man let alone as narrowly as it was on top of this Mara had joined the party’s side in the preceding argument and it turned out was was socially adept enough to effectively spread rumors about the assailants motivations for starting a fight involving making up for “incapabilitys”. On Moosa’s suggestion Mark begun working to repair relations to some limited effect.

Traveling on into a more hilly region Rolan and Moosa spotted the beginnings of an ambush, warning the rest of the caravan they along with Mara snuck up the side of the hill to effect a counter ambush. meanwhile Thia coated the hillside with magical flammable grease as an ambush of her own. with these measures in place the attack begun well for the party and their allies, Mark fought briefly and blindly before escaping to quieter spot where he found the guard he had quarreled with previously seemingly injured Mark offered a healing potion but then seemed to be attacked responding Mark quickly slew the injured guard. The fight over Moosa tracked down the camp of the bandits and intimidated the remainder allowing th caravan to loot the camp.

The caravan pulled up to a roadside camp notorious for artists and bards to rest before continuing their journey…

Until we see you again
The party leave Avissium

Finished touring The sights of the deep woods the party were tasked with traveling to Sanuus on behalf Rolan’s old allies. Before this they conferred with some of their allies.Rolan and Mark spoke to Ennith who was trying to find a cure for Mark’s blindness to no avail, she saw the trip as a reckless, unnecessary danger for someone in marks condition albeit on entirely in character for him. Before wishing him luck and letting him leave she encouraged him to use a provided quarterstaff rather than his sword to find his way, a staff that was soon replaced when Zorias saw it. Zorias was not one to let a friend walk around with something so gauche as a nonmagical staff and so soon Mark had purchased a standing stave along with some healing potions. Rolan and Thia also used the money they acquired from the ambush to buy armour/clothing with magical protection. For his part Moosa visited Vigo and told him where they were going, Vigo suggested they attach themselves to a Zahn caravan and so Joanna Zahn was Moosa’s next stop. The party were also confronted with an offer from Gaius asking them to keep an eye on a shipment of wines he was sending to Sanuus, Moosa had talked with Giles earlier and Thia found the time to collect some resources from “The Grand Academy” and speak to Margret Vint and See’Krett for all of this though they did neglect to visit the “Deep woods” and Vancill.

The group they joined was a loose collection or merchants and travels who had banded together for protection through the unguarded Kervallion countryside many of them working for noble houses almost all of them spying for someone. Among the caravans was a Sages league team Arthur, Jane and Griffolk there was a tracker Caleb and an alchemist Thaddeus, the caravan would also be where the party first met Mara Stormwind…
it was while they were traveling that Moosa noticed that Thia was wearing the ring from the Academy vault and there was some discussion about the recent actions of her left hand particularly the ones involving Vancill, for the moment the hand remained. the next day Rolan and Mara while a little ways from the rest of the caravan searching for herbs encountered someone in the forest asking about the date and weather it was a holiday, Rolan surprisingly recalled an obscure local celebration “the day of Cuftbert” celebrating an likely fictitious local legend the individual in the forest asked them to came in and celebrate to which they refused. That night however Rolan and Moosa where in the forest hunting, Rolan was doing better than usual and found himself traveling further in than usual far enough that the two begun to hear music deeper within. There was a clearing with lights hanging from trees food and drink around music playing and men with goat legs apparently celebrating the day of Cuftbert somehow Moosa found himself moving closer and joining in…


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