Firefight in the streets
The party show no respect for law enforcement

In the time since the fight at Ennith’s academy Thia had been studying in their library, Moosa was as well but he found himself studying some strange forgotten scroll. Mark traveled back to the village to collect their reward for killing the bandits and Rolan took to camping just outside of town. Thia received a warning from Zorias that someone was targeting the party, she took Rolan and Moosa to talk with Zorias but on the way they found some thugs bakers waiting for them.

Moosa provoked the individuals and between the three of them the fight was soon over. Moosa did however notice citizens watching in horror, particularly with Thia using magical fire and cursing in elvish. The bodies where brought inside and thoughZorias did not appreciate more bleeding and burnt corpses he was able to strike something of a deal, sponsoring the party with promised discounts in return for helping the business (and hopefully no more corpses).

Outside the group found guards asking around. Moosa, remembering how scarce guards seemed to be in Avissium, decided that these where more likely disguised agents of “Skinny” Pete he did however agree to accompany them “back to the nearest guard station”. As they traveled Thia sung warnings in elvish and the three of them prepared to attack. The attack came when they arrived at an unmarked building and Moosa slammed the door closed behind the first “guard” leaving the party outside as more foes begun arriving. The party fought well for a time but eventually the fight begun turning and Thia was severally injured by multiple crossbow bolts.

Salvation seemed to come as the attackers were themselves ambushed by a group of elves who firebombed the building and took the party away to a dark unknown room…

Enniths academy
now I have a barrel of pitch HO-HO-HO

In Avissium there were few sources of magical equipment. The grand Academy was in the walled Old District which was seemingly closed off, Thugs concerned citizens had kept people away from Zorias’ and Ennith’s smaller school had mysteriously closed off Mark, Moosa, Rolan and Thia decided to investigate.

Rolan interrogated the local rat population and discovered that some thugs visitors had gone in aggressively and a magical field had gone up and things could go in but nothing came out. The party, brave individuals that they were, went in. Inside they found some disheveled and desperate thugs survivors who had taken the mages hostage but a fight, and not the last of Moosa’s concussions, led to the party having a hostage of their own.

They tried to sneak around but Mark fell down some musically enchanted stairs. They were, however, able to lay an ambush with a barrel of pitch, when the foes came they brought a hostage but he was unfortunately killed so Thia ignited the pitch leading to a ranged fight through a smokey corridor. Meanwhile as Mark impressed their now two hostages with stories, he failed to notice the approach of their leader, Thad. With his diplomacy failed his swordsmanship held the line at least until Moosa unleashed the full force of his heavy crossbow on areas better left unmentioned.

With the foes defeated the hostages were rescued, including Ennith, who told the party of how when the attack came she activated an untested artifact before being captured causing the magical field. With the threat gone the field was removed and the party paid for their help, there was one attacker who was unaccounted for even after the clean up but what’s the worst that could happen?

Shooting first
The party meets Zorias and kill at least ten people

In a small nameless village Mark, Moosa, Rolan and Thia heard about local trouble with bandits and for the promise of payment traveled to the next likely target and laid an ambush. The ambush was successful and soon the party had the bandits tracked back to their camp inside a cave. With the bandits defeated the group noticed a suspicious platform which Rolan and Moosa where able to work their way up to and clear the way for the rest.

Inside the group found a pre-fall site, a large room walled with broken mirrors in arches. The group did however eventually find an intact mirror that pulled Thia through it when she touched it, rather than leave her lost and alone the party followed through to what turned out to be a similar room as the mirror shattered behind them.

in leaving what turned out to be a different cave in a different part of the country the group found some art thieves who where swiftly killed never knowing who had attacked them. Exiting the cave the party saw that they had come out near to Avissium, Kervallion’s capital where they returned the stolen paintings for a monetary reward.

The party are now living out of Mark’s small townhouse; it wasn’t set up for four occupants. Moosa invests in new furniture while Rolan attempted to purchase a chain shirt although at first he faced difficulty and assumed it is because of discrimination against his race.

Thia discovers Zorias’s store but when she tries to bring the rest of the party there they are stopped by thugs upstanding members of the community, as Moosa began negotiating Mark and Rolan executed a simultaneous sneak attack and combat begun, and swiftly ended leaving the party dragging the bodies into Zorias’ store, Zorias for his part was not so pleased with that but seeing as they were his only customers it worked out and Thia was able to purchase a Freestanding stave.


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