Court Zan
Rolan receives sterling service

Stepping away from"successful" Measured foreign diplomacy the party traveled through Thia’s new teleportation circle spell, a somewhat unpleasant process involving becoming uncomfortably aware of all aspects of oneself. The spell deposited the party in a forgotten corner of Avissium’s Grand Academy, and after signing in with a flummoxed young mage they where back in the big city and able to reconnect with their allies. Back in their own house the group took the time to search the dead wizard they had decided to take with them and indeed finding a potion of invisibility, some small amount of coin and shoes that would let the user (now Mara) to walk up walls and ceilings. In the morning the party visited Zorias’s, Zorias himself (who was apparently selling hash now) greeted them with a warm “Welcome to Zorais’s and .. What the fuck!? What the fuck is that?!” upon seeing Rolan and his new arm, it turns out that Moosa had been conspiring with the rest of the party as well as Giles and Zorias to have a new arm made. Moosa had Giles make and Zorias enchant (and retrofit for function) a silver arm in reference to a peace of elvish mythology. Zorias was given the “brass” arm, the first golden marble and some semi-identified potions, the party where given the silver arm and a debt to pay. The next stop was Vigo who they informed of their adventures in Asangis and it was from Vigo that they heard that Zanthon’s old crew had gone missing, the party where asked what they where going to do and they said that they would pick up Zan and then either go get his crew or approach the Silverthorns. Vigo spoke to Mara alone afterwards, told her what Zan would need and provided a little coin.

Rolan summoned eagles and the party arrived back in Ormest to find that Zanthon had moved from the tavern to a nicer apartment, it seemed that in the time the party had been gone Zan had tried to find what worked at court and so was bourn “court Zan” with a trimmed beard and more conservative clothing, upon hearing about his crew “court Zan” rather than rushing off considered if he should continue courting nobles until Moosa spoke to him about taking “court Zan” as early another weapon in the arsenal and the need to take charge. While in town Mara took Thia to visit Jane Stormwind. Mara wore traveling gear with jewelry raided from Jane’s stash in Avissium, Thia was instructed to wear the garish Zargosian and clearly wizard robes. Rolan had brought a mouse from Avissium. Mara had Thia mention Tilo Viera as a rich merchant who had proposed before she refused. Rolan wanted somewhere better to store his mouse (Reg). Thia told tales of the party’s wild adventures. Moosa knew a method involving melting the ends of bottles. Jane found out that Mara had been traveling with the prince. Moosa and Rolan made a mouse house.

In the morning the party gathered Zan had purchased new longswords and a breastplate and the party took the eagles in the direction of Sannus. An unfortunate side effect of some of the foraging the party had partaken in was that all but rolan begun bleeding from the eyes and slowly going blind. The only major stop before Sannus was at Iron pass so that Moosa could check on the gold mine side business and was able to extort politely ask for a small cut of the profits.

Soon enough a mostly blind party arrived in Sannus looking for a cure and hopefully after Zan’s old crew. The waters outside Sannus besides the hag, sharks and fish men where beset by pirates and raiders but you know how bad could they be…

Measured foreign diplomacy
The party eat out in Asangis

Emerging from Imperial vault 2 Pewter into a small pond, the party found themselves not far from a small Asangan village where they could clean up and recover. Moosa was able to make a good enough impression on the locals to secure a meal for the night and a place to sleep (and to mess with unidentified magical artifacts). One of the artifacts (a “brass” device of rings and spikes) when applied “correctly” to rolan formed into a metal arm to replace the lost one that he was able to (more or less) control, the other find (a metal skull) seemed to be able to record and recount information ( a feature that will clearly only be used for good ). Just out of town Thia was directed to the cave of Pentagast Davion formally of the Grand Academy out working on proving his theories and ready to explain them at length to any strangers who come by with questions and time on their hands. Pentagast’s theories pertained to another realm from which “the creatures of nature invaded”, it was his belief that there where pla

It was a sunny and pleasant Thursday marred only by a strange little man who refused to answer simple questions. The birds where singing (although no more than usual) and the wolves where hunting (only slightly less than usual because of some strange scents in the area). Inda the brave and powerful encountered a strange trio wandering her forest, they where named Stephen Rolan, Mara and Zan (although Mara and Zan seemed unsure as to which was which). Rolan was a friend of Longwood except he didn’t speak druidic which was weird but not really Inda’s business, he also had a metal arm but he didn’t want to talk about it, creepy bush guy said he got it from an old ruin but thats kinda boring so he probably stole it from the lair of the great dragon Graglethrax who has sworn revenge and will hunt his group seeking revenge. Surely his group will be killed without the assistance of a great and powerful druid.

Mara, Rolan and Zanthon made it back to the party having had to deal with a pushy druid and the group considered its next move. Lengthy discussion ended with Zan’s plan to return to Ormest to attend the ball set up fro him while the rest of the group traveled on to deal with the assassination plot against the Asangan monarch. As Zan traveled back east Rolan, Thia, Moosa and Mara marched boldly west, arriving in town Mara encountered a message informing her that there where two assassins one an infiltrator and one a mage known for leaving mess and ruin behind. The king was holding court and feasts in town and so the party planned to attend, Mara as just another minor lady of court, Moosa alongside Edér a fellow mercenary and the Nailòs entered with stealth and hid in shadows above. Thia detected magic on two likely suspects one a serving girl and one a very minor guest, Mara distracted the server acting the drug using party guest, opening an opportunity for Thia to dispel the illusions making the leather clad and armed man looking like another serving girl. It was after the first assassin was dragged away that bonfire present began growing and the fire “stepped” off its position and “walked” forward as a large vaguely humanoid shape formed out of flame. The spectacle was impressive for the half minute it lasted until Thia from her stealth position dispelled it (leading the regular guests to assume it entertainment rather than threat). some time passed until the next spectacle, this one took the form a section of the floor itself rising up and pulling itself together into another large vaguely humanoid shape and marching towards the king, this time when Thia dispelled the magic rather than the creature falling apart it simple ceased to be controlled by its master and begun crushing and killing.

As the room panicked and fled Moosa shadowed his suspect alongside Howling Under The Two Moons leaving in the main room only Rolan, Thia, Mara and the angry floor. This was a fight featuring Rolan leaping heroically from a balcony onto the creature, Thia blasting the foe with beams of fire, and Mara being hit directly by large stone fists (and surviving). When Rolan attacked vines, a watery stream and fish ( fish? ) flowed from the creature. In the end no floor monster could stand against such and group and only rubble remained. The actual assassin and creator of the creature however had made it into the room where the VIPs of Asangis had retreated, stone creatures hadn’t stopped this party and neither would a door guard so in they came as well. The party while hard to stop where frequently laking in subtlety and so where soon noticed by their target who responded to their presence by filling the room with magical toxic fog. What followed was confusion, a flash of light and thunder. The fog cleared the mage stood constricted by giant snake with a dagger in his chest, the gathered nobles watched Moosa put a crossbow bolt in each of the mages eyes with little understanding of what was going on. Threat dealt with the party presented themselves to the king.

In a meeting that lacked all the formality and caution a meeting with a foreign king should usually entail the party stated that the assassins where likely sent by Renwick prince regent of Kervallion and that the party where sent by Zanthon Prince of Kervallion “you’ve been keeping up with Kervallion politics right”. The party where allowed to leave safely, Rolan asked for payment and ( somehow ) gained one thousand gold, the party left stopping only to gather some of the unfinished banquet (including the unserved Llamhigyn Y Dwr).

Gathering outside of town Thia was able to make use of a spell passed on to her by Pentagast where she created a circle that would transport them back to Avissium (or Pentagast’s cave) she explained it only lasted six seconds so th…

Imperial vault 2 Pewter
The party mess with unknown magics

The sleep of the elves ended and the Nailòs woke up. Thia said that she thought the situation was resolved and explained more or less what had happened ( recorded separately ). Thia visited the mage who had given her the ritual ( he apparently had little more to offer ) but otherwise it was time to move on to other matters. Zanthon collected what funds he could from the treasury a number bolstered by an unsolicited unofficial donation. Through the Zahn family Moosa set up a caravan for the party to join on their way to Ormest on their princely tour. While Zanthon, Thia and Mara caravanned to Ormest Rolan and Moosa would eagle to Valandris to deliver the palace funds as well as some seeds that had been purchased from Zorias.

In Ormest Mara and Thia settled in “the Silver Lark” while Zan met with the nobles, purchased new clothes ( yes I saw them ), heard that there would be a ball to commemorate his arrival and moved back the ball to allow time for the rest of the party to catch up. When the others did indeed arrive they where able to get a arial view of a military camp outside of town (no doubt preparing for conflict with nearby Asangis and where able to say that they where not far from a druid site and with it an old imperial ruin Rolan had visited long ago. Having a few days until the ball the party elected to take a day investigating the ruins. The first step was having Rolan lead them to a druidic site seemingly unoccupied. traveling out from the clearing Rolan was able to find the tunnels he had used to make it to the underground ruins apparently formed by large insect creatures, while the tunnels had collapsed in the years since Rolan had found them it was nothing that sixteen giant fey badgers couldn’t fix.

Inside the ruins lay the remnants of the insect creatures and looted rooms, the party searched until the only door was one blocked by furniture that Rolan did not want opened. When the party opened it the smell that came through could’ve killed Edward. The floor of the room had apparently been completely covered with something that died and spent years decomposing, Thia ( For some reason ) bottled the grey liquid that seeped from the room. Through fire, magic items and unusual willpower the party made ti through to the symbol on the far wall, a secret passage openable with the disk obtained from Mark.

Investigating further there was a room filled with beds with strapped down skeletons many of them strangely deformed with secondary ribcages or wings or fully formed bone ears. Also in the room was a cabinet of preserved potions red, yellow and blue, Rolan had found something similar last time but had not fully explored their effects. The next room had many empty boxes and one iron box separated from the rest, predictably Thia opened the box revealing a swarm of flying misshapen creatures. When Moosa attacked some of the creatures dropped to the floor and shifted into a four legged burrowing shape and tried to flee until Thia fireballed the room fully eliminating the creatures from the room ( and possibly the world ) this complete there remained one more room.

Before the party lay three boxes on three pedestals each surrounded by clear sigils and protections. most of the party fled the room as Thia attempted to disarm the protections but with unusual experience messing with strange magic phenomena the spells where safely disarmed without incident. In the boxes where, another golden marble, an unknown brass device id disks and spikes and a brass skull. Mara found a secret exit leading the party up steep stairs and past a magical false ceiling into… a pond.

The party stopped to rest, to identify and to do what they could to clean the smell they carried with them. Rolan ( presumably not wanting Thia to be the only one allowed to almost kill themselves with unknown magical findings ) begun drinking potions. The red fleshed over his cauterised shoulder wound, the yellow at first seemed to be regrowing his arm but simply grew the skin of his arm leaving a hollow arm shaped flesh bag, the blue fleshed over all openings including eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Fortunately Thia was quick enough with a dispel and Mara was quick enough with a knife that he didn’t suffocate. Possibly seeking to reclaim her party role Thia activated the brass device on her belly leading to it stabbing into her and producing a brass tendril which she did manage to gain some control over as Rolan wondered out loud why it wasn’t being used on him and Moosa wandered off.

The secret exit had placed the group out of the forest and they weren’t sure exactly where they had ended up, they did know that in going into the forest they crossed the border into Asangis ostensibly and enemy of Kervallion. There was an assassination plot to stop a ball to attend and magic items to survive, but before that Moosa was about to arrive at a small village with its own problems…


The sleep of the elves
Thia and Rolan take a moment to rest

The party where trying to deal with The first surprise pregnancy of Thia Nailò. Thia had another entity living within her apparently a result of her explorations into Secrets of the Academy it seemed to be growing itself a new body from Thia’a a process that threatened to kill her. To deal with this Thia had obtained a ritual from the Grand Academy that would hopefully allow her to look within herself and confront the entity. The party gathered in the “Murder basement” to set up the ritual, Thia would be the focus but using the communication earrings Rolan would try and assist her leaving Moosa, Mara and Zanthon standing by tasked with dealing with the results should Thia fail.

( well and then I guess something happened )

Rolan awoke claiming that they had confronted the entity before Thia sent Rolan away, then as Rolan prepared to go back to sleep, Thia’s eyes opened…

The first surprise pregnancy of Thia Nailò
The party return again to Avissium

Traveling by eagle made the trip from Westdirt to Avissium significantly shorter than it might have been. The party arrived to find that their townhouse had been well maintained by a Zahn agent and they where able to settle back in. The main stop for the trip was a visit to the palace so Zanthon could visit his father and ask his uncle for financial assistance for the town. Renwick claimed that the nations resources was required for an ongoing war, upon (secret) suggestion from the party Zan offered that the prince living in a failing town on the border would be a weak image to present to their enemies, Renwick responded with a small fund to to travel around and appear well off if problems of image where his concern, perhaps he could ask the outer nobles for assistance.

While Zanthon visited his father the rest of the party visited some of their Avissium allies. A visit to Zorias did not offer the solutions Rolan was hoping for as far as regrowing his arm but Mara was able to restyle her communication earring so thats something…
Thia asked Zorias to investigate her left arm which had been acting strangely for some time and he was able to point out that it had grown longer then the other, and that it seemed to be growing more than just an arm long term.

Mara was able to meet up with Vigo and catch up on local events and uncertain instructions, Mara learnt that there was a plot to assassinate King David of the nearby petty kingdom Kervallion was at war with an action that would likely quicken Renwick’s victory and spare him resources. Vigo also mentioned that if Valandris needed coin perhaps she could seek a foreign benefactor.

Moosa visited both the Zahn and Hastings estates and caught up with some old allies including a dinner with Erin Hastings where she asked after Estarian mercenary groups and offered to pay Moosa if he could facilitate trade deals with some of the nobles he would soon be encountering.

Visiting the Grand Academy Thia sought the assistance of “An old friend” in Davian Dent who was able to tell her that she was pregnant.. after a fashion, there was a separate entity living inside Thia’s head and it was growing her arm into what might eventually be a whole new body a potentially lethal process for Thia, seeking further assistance Thia was given a ritual that could allow her to retreat into her own mind to confront the entity.

The party gathered to watch the ritual and tried to prepare themselves for the possibility that if things went poorly what woke up might no longer be Thia. using the communication earrings Rolan was able to come along inside Thia’s mind and confront whatever they found there…

The party sow seeds and buy weeds

The party took some time to further work through the process of Getting back u p Rolan especially as he had recovered enough to have actually improved at least as far as his magic is concerned, as the town found out when tow oversized eagles arrived to give Rolan and Moosa an air tour of the region. Mark disappeared in the night leaving behind his strange symbol disk and vague mentions of “a lead”. This was soon forgotten as Mara gathered the group to tell them that she had received instructions from Vigo to begin gathering allies for a potential civil war against Prince Regent Renwick. To this end the group begun considering potential allies amongst the nobility. Names brought up included Zahn, Hastings, Cavendish (who Moosa had met on his journey) and Silverthorn. There was some discussion on weather the Nailò’s history with the Silverthorn’s would be an asset or a problem as plans began to form for the group to tour Kervallion courting nobility.

Before the party could leave with Zanthon they would have to first make sure Valandris was relatively stable, to this end Thia and Moosa left for Eastwater to trade for seaweed and moonshine while Rolan convinced the farmer Jenks to grow seeds obtained from the pain reducing herb Rolan had received from the druids, perhaps this could be a new export for Valandris. Mara took to somewhat secret combat training with Edward paying him in food and relying of Ferri to deal with the subsequent injuries. Moosa’s last errand was to collect his commission from Giles ( guess I better not say what it is or some prick might read ahead ) before the group loaded into the portable hole to be carried by Rolan and Zanthon riding giant eagles.

The first stop was the Cavendish estate former home of the Estarian priest Ferri and stopping point for Moosa on his delivery journey. A change of clothes had been ordered for Zanthon but finding the results distasteful the group instead supplied him with Thia’s glamoured robes to mixed but attention grabbing results. meeting the lord of the estate Tane Cavendish Zan and Mara negotiated for supplies to continue to Valandris and for the promise of military support if it becomes necessary in exchange for promised of assistance becoming mode independent and self sufficient. Negotiations complete for the moment Mara and Zan took a ride around the estate finding a quiet lake where they engaged in activities that imply that they where unaware of the peasant farmers watching.

The Cavendish estate dealt with for now the next step would be a return to Avissium not just to meet nobles but to ask for crown assistance from no other than Renwick himself before continuing to gather support from around Kervallion for what could shape up to be a large and consuming war…

Getting back up
Moosa and Mark arrives, Rolan gets up

…finishing of the somewhat crude fortifications to the crumbled wall section that had been established after the towns Housewarming.

It had been at leat seventy days but Moosa finally returned returned and he did not come alone. Here from Avissium where more recruits for the town (courtesy of the Zahn family), Mary the much talked about wife of Riley, an Estarian (apparently a priest) Ferri and Mark Valor. Mark had apparently worked out his amulet as he claimed to be fully sighted (giving Mark a chance to find out what Griffolk looks like) and although he didn’t mention it seemed to possess some limited magic. The group inevitably moved the the room where Rolan was stored so he and Mark could catch up. Ferri left to give them a moment but was spotted by Mara as he snuck to the river for a quiet drink, her failed attempts to steal his hidden dagger led to an unfortunate (if surprisingly common) misunderstanding. Ferri’s assistance in aiding Rolan was limited (unless one counts alerting Rolan to his missing appendage) he identified that he was poisoned and that the poison lingered in the blood, it was he claimed to strong a poison for him to counter. Thia who already had her doubts about Estarian healing was less than impressed especially as it just led her back to her existing plan of leaching.

Mark (and See’Krett) stayed with Rolan through the process until eventually Rolan was moving again. With assistance Rolan made it to the tavern where he regained strength until the traditional town dinner. Rolan found himself sitting next to Allana with a bottle apparently a gift from Zorias the effe…

Many die but Rolan lives

The party where still recovering from their first efforts to Meet the neighbours. Zanthon war running back to town carrying Moosa (in the portable hole). Mara and Thia where left to transport a fallen Rolan, that is until they had another run in with Edward who offered to look after the body while they left to defend the town. Upon arriving back the group begun moving the population into the castle as a more defensible point. While defences and plans where set up Mara left briefly to give warning to the farmer Jenks and while doing so she saw the raiders looting the town and caravan. An ambush was set up behind a fallen section of wall with Margret, Thia, the Ennith’s academy mages and one of the Avissium colonists who Griffolk recommended.

When the enemy arrived they arrived they arrived in two groups, one attacked cautiously from the front defensively making ranged strikes from cover, the other group attempted to sneak undetected through the fallen section of wall and where allowed to do so, that is until they reached the mages who ambushed with inexperienced and unconfident flame strikes. The raiders responded, the mages fled (those who where not killer or injured) Thia responded with fire of her own which was effective in at least injuring the group. If the raiders had any plans to flee they where soon cast aside as now it seemed that the entrance they had arrived through had been sealed with large rocks. The raiders charged Margret who slipped away so they charged Thia who was being guarded by Griffolk’s recommendation Eggly Riley. Mara intervened with an arrow coated in an unknown agent which upon striking on of the raiders caused him to drop and scream in pain continuously until he was no longer able to do so giving the battle an unnerving soundtrack. further alarming the raiders was when Rolan seemed to suddenly appear between two of them armed and ready to fight. With all this going on the raiders where left in no shape to oppose the party and like so many before died the last of them already burnt was struck with missiles magical and mundane before impalement from a falling halberd. The ranged attackers at the gates ran, the party ran after, Griffolk did so on a horse.

Thia took Mara, Moosa and Eggly to where they had left Rolan only to find him missing, he was eventually tracked down to a basement laboratory where See’Krett was looking him over. Looking at the body the party made four interesting discoveries that there was fresher blood around the mouth that didn’t line up with any of his injuries, that his right arm was all but severed, that his money was gone and that he was breathing.

The town regathered and prepared to rebuild, the guards that been on watch where dealt with, houses where worked on, food and drink where gathered, information was gathered about the monthly supply deliveries apparently coming from some noble estate, Zanthon worked himself half to death only sleeping when physically moved to bed. Margeret and Thia exchanged spells including “slip out”. This whole time Thia was concealing a festering wound and doing an imperfect job of treating it.

A wolf howl was heard outside the castle gate, investigating Moosa found a single wolf apparently seeking entry, he allowed it in and gave it a path to Rolan. haring about this the party gathered. Thia put one of the communication earrings on Rolan and was able to make contact. Rolan was fully paralysed including his eyes being stuck shut his only movement was that he could slightly move what was his right shoulder. much discussion was had about weather Esarian priests would be useful or whether the druids could be contacted.

In the end with large stack of messages for Avissium some personal others about supplies, support or new recruits Moosa decided that he would leave alone to deliver the messages. And so he party was broken once again Moosa would travel across Kervallion to reach their allies leaving the rest to secure the now town and look after what remained of the true free elf…

Meet the neighbours
Rolan falls to human blades

The party had arrived at Zanthon’s Keep on the borderlands and where trying to rebuild the town. Zanthon managed to get price estimates on rebuilding and reestablishing parts of the town and they where not welcome numbers. Moosa organised a challenge for the guard force wherein teams would search through the towns abandoned buildings searching for a gold pouch (hidden by Mara). The teams also included the mages for Ennnith’s academy who Thia had been trying to organise into a combat force. Rolan meanwhile searched the buildings with what passed for trackers amongst the group and searched the abandoned buildings ahead of the guards mostly peacefully removing squatting animals. While searching Rolan came across a building that seemed to have humans hiding within, gathering the rest of the party he investigated. The humans turned out to be a small family speaking a language the group couldn’t ( at first ) understand and watching them suspiciously sword in hand ( Adair, Sabella, Fabia and Ida ) . Thia was able to magic up something of a solution to the language barrier allowing her to understand the family even if she couldn’t be understood in return. The new guests where taken to the tavern ( such as it was ) for a somewhat strained conversation while Moosa and Griffolk reviewed the ( intermittently dismal ) results.

Every day Rolan would wake before dawn but this particular morning that custom led to a meeting with Edward who warned of approaching foes hoping for financial gratitude. Rolan woke the party, Thia convinced Margret to begin preparing useful spells, and the group set up to ambush a group trying to burn down the tavern. This as with so many of the groups ambushes wend quite well the only strange point being a live fish swimming out of a dying foe Rolan (and two moons) had defeated ( What? ). Mara decided to rush the fish to to the river and while doing so saw a suspicious group drawing water from the same river, investigating further she tracked them back a camp.

Investigating the party found a camp of fifteen armed individuals and came up with an ambush plan involving Moosa, Mara and Zanthon attacking from atop a hill and Rolan, Thia and Howling under the two moons sneaking closer. The party’s stealth was imperfect however and the violence begun more suddenly than expected. Rolan charged the camp but with half the group far up the hill and Thia still hidden he found himself quickly surrounded by at least nine assailants, Rolan was struck down. With almost no one close enough to assist now Thia soon followed. Mara was able to sneak away from her group and try to provide healing to the Nailòs, Thia was recovered from the brink but Rolan did not immediately arise depending on optimism he was either in a very bad way or actually dead, lacking options Thia and Mara applied the paralyzing poison to rolan in hope of preserving him. as they where doing this it fell to Moosa and Zanthon to distract the remaining force and so they ran.

Moosa entered the portable hole and was carried by Zanthon as he ran back to town foes following behind. This left Mara, Thia and Howling under the two moons to carry the possibly dead Rolan back themselves. Any plans or grief regarding Rolan would have to wait as the threat was clearly not done with but if they did indeed survive they would eventually have to confront those who did not…

Keep on the borderlands
The party build a town

Sailing away from Sally Sharkguts and deals made the party arrived at a small costal village, from here the party would travel on by land as Zanthon’s ship returned to Sanuus (With news of storm raiders). The area the party moved through was known bandit/raider territory and soon enough they did encounter a potentially hostile group. Setting up an ambush of their own Thia cast a fireball that (somewhat horrifically) dealt with eight out of ten bandits. Of the remaining two, one armoured individual was swiftly dealt with. The other man (Who the party initially took for a mage seeing that he was unarmored) survived a new spell and a double impalement before asking for them to stop “call it a draw”. The man Edward did little to explain his survival and tried to make out that he was nothing more that an “Unemployed bandit” of little interest to the group. As Mara and Thia thought about violently testing Edward’s survivability under extreme circumstances, Moosa tried to recruit him but he seemed mostly uninterested. As the group traveled on Ed seemed to follow distantly behind without actually joining, Moosa left food supplies behind for him and Mara provided him with the groups blanket, Edward left as soon as Valadris came into sight.

In the semi-abandoned town the party found the allies they had sent north trying to settle in. Zanthon visited the castle where he encountered Anthony a seneschal and closest thing to remaining authority. The castle was worn and crumbling in places, the guard where the unwanted of Kervallion’s military people useless or inconvenient, most of the town population was gone, many of the buildings where dilapidated, some of them occupied by animals and there remained only one farmer Jenks who had lived in the area for (he claims) twenty years. Mara found the armoury to be limited containing barely enough for the understaffed guard, what passed for an infirmary was a dark laboratory full of bottles and jars of unknown provenance and the lords hall housed a once gaudy throne clearly striped of value.

The party where quick to begin work, Thia organised the mages to begin clearing and cleaning out buildings, Thia and Zanthon spoke to Jenks about teaching others to farm, Rolan investigated the well (turned out to be a little corpsy) and Moosa begun team building exercises with the guards. The guards where asked if any of them would take over the mill and they refused, Griffolk was asked to take up a leadership position amongst the guard and he said he would consider it. Thia quickly found a tavern and before long she had assembled equipment for a still and dubbed the place “Ear to the ground”. In the town square there was found a headless statue of some human long forgotten, Rolan tore it down with intention of planting apple seeds he had gathered while at sea.

Those who could cook and those who though they could gathered in the castle and tavern to prepare a meal for the strange new community. As night fell what tables remained intact where brought out to the town square along with any stool or chair that could be found (or brought from home) as everyone sat down to eat and drink what could be brought, found or made, a large gathering in a new home (albeit something of a fixer upper) . Zanthon witnessed Rolan’s interest in one of the elvish colonists and his inability to do anything about it, unwilling to lat that situation stand Zan made Rolan drink two ales then took him over to make introductions. As the night went on forces conspired to give Rolan every chance to look good as improvised and more or less functional music emanated from the mages, by the time people packed up and retired to what sleeping arrangements they could fashion Rolan had almost entirely avoided making things awkward (Rolaning) . Soon enough only the five remained Rolan, Thia, Mara, Moosa and Zanthon they drank a strange drink Thia had discovered that seemed to give visions of serenity on a mountaintop as Zan toasted “good results form shit destinies”

The party had finally arrived and as soon they did they begun (perhaps accidentally) setting themselves up as leaders of a new community they had created, built from Avissium allies and forgotten lands. The still nameless town still had for to come before it was fully functional or safe but only time would tell how long the party would stay…


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