Xargosian mage and businessman


Zorias bears the darker complection and hair of one from Xargosia
he wears colourfull and fine silks in the Xargosian style complimented with jewelry (presumably some of it magical) but of late he seems to always be wearing the same increasingly worn outfit
With customers before him Zorias wears always a cheerful smile (except if they bring corpses)


Business? yes we’re always open for business. say have you seen the standing staves?

Growing up scion of a prominent magister family in Xargosia Zorias spent his childhood being trained for the prominent position laid out for him. He was tutored in history and poetry, art, literature, tactics, politics, government, leadership, tactics, etiquette, negotiation, theology and multiple forms of magic. Zorias however thought of himself as more of a “people person” excelling at negotiation and deal making but ill suited for leadership he also was more focused on the creation aspect of magic for one of his rank worst of all he was known to be rebellious and independent, not enough interested in the wellbeing of the family.

Eventually Zorias built up the resources and confidence to leave his family assigned position and strike out on his own, his family thinking this would simply pass let him try and planed to wait for hime to come crawling back but Zorias was committed he would create and sell magical items, weapons, potions, scrolls and books but he couldn’t do it here there was to much powerful magic around, to many who knew him and his family no he would need somewhere with a need and respect for magic but little enough of its own, somewhere his family had no influence, pouring all of his remaining resources into this plan he begun.

Is there a sign outside my door advertising a dumping site for criminals? because if there is please remove it and by the gods stop bringing them here

Zorias’s first store opened in Avissium one day the town awoke to a purple door on a previously blank wall with a sign above it reading simply “Zorias’s” some prominent figures also found invitations to visit and make patronage. The letter did not reach Ennith for she was at the time trapped in her academy along with thugs prospective students working for “Skinny” Pete. Pete for his part wanted to remove anything or anyone who could supply magical goods or knowledge within the city but himself and so sent his thugs customers to threaten Zorias and anyone who dared visit the store.

Soon most people knew to avoid the purple door so as to avoid a beating or death. All except for Peter’s old foe Mark Valor and his friends who had only recently returned to Avissium and didn’t know…


Kervallion Zorias