Elvish rebel leader and crime boss


Vancill’s is often seen wearing an easy smile and a scmitar decorated with eleven imagery
The trained eye also notices the hidden knives the armour under his clothes and the way he scans the room for danger


“We elves deserve the same rights humans enjoy and we will fight for them”

Growing up in Avissium Vancill saw all the wonders and horrors the human world had to offer he would sneak around the old district back when entry was looser, looking at the manors, the Grand Acadamy and the Royal Palace, he dreamed what an elf would do in a place like that what he would do with power like that.

Vancill was never one walk by when something was wrong and when a group of humans where cutting the ear off a local elf he stepped in, somehow he survived and met the elf who stand with him in his mad quest Eravan. Over the next years Eravan paid back the favour many times being there to help when Vancill’s mouth got them into trouble , but between the two of them they were able to succeed in the only viable option available to them crime.

Before long Vancil and Eravan had influence over the whole eleven community in Avissium and seeing his opportunity Vancill created his “Greenblood Alliance” and drove the human syndicates from their community’s. While Eravan or as he came to be known “one ear” kept the “deep woods” profitable, Vancill turned his attention outwards to Gamlan and the rest of Avissium, things settled into a peace however so he would need an excuse

Then Gamlen’s man “Skinny” Pete grabbed a couple of elves who had wronged him, this was just the opportunity Vancill required


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