"Skinny" Pete

Gamlen's enforcer


Since Mark left town “skinny” Pete has lost a lot of weight working down to a more nutural build

He is never seen outside of his fine silks and clothing, much of it now far to big for him
usually complimented by large rings and other jewelry


“If you want something done right make sure Mark Valor stays the fuck away from it”

Peter Gurman was a third generation criminal who grew up in Avissium working for the local crime syndicates. Peter made his way attaching himself to rising stars but when he saw Gamlan he new his chance had come, he promptly betrayed the boss and attached himself to Gamlan a decision that quickly paid off as Gamlen gained more and more influence eventually coming to lead the whole organisation. For his “loyalty” Peter was rewarded with a comfortable and profitable position managing the merchants and crafters of Avissium.

Peter’s opportunity to grow fat and content in his position was ruined for him by the local upstart Mark Valor. Peter quickly grew to despise Mark and would have loved to have him killed and he would have but Peter loved his profits slightly more than he hated Mark and Mark had enough influence with the local merchants that nothing could be done without a good excuse so Peter waited growing fat and bitter.

Then one day the news came Mark was leaving town he had gotten involved with elves or mercenaries or dancers or something it didn’t matter the time had come. Peter massively tightened his grip on the merchants and looked to new prospects magic items. Without Mark surely Ennith would give in if he applied the right pressure and this new store Zorias’s no that would have to go. Ennith’s academy didn’t help but it did stop operating and that was close enough, everyone soon knew to stay away from Zorias’s and Peter found a decent deal on importing potions thinks where finally going well. Peter started taking better care of himself, loosing all the weight that had gained him that stupid nickname, he found a new girlfriend and Gamlen seemed pleased enough, yes everything was going to work out.

Word finally came Mark was back in town with is mercenary elf friends. This wouldn’t do, no this wouldn’t do at all…

Send a bunch of the boys to his house, yes you know the one. kill the fucker

Back in town Mark Valor with his companions Moosa, Thia and Rolan got into multiple fights with Pete’s men killing them every time they made contact with Zorias, helped reopen Ennith’s academy and evaded capture. Pete had had enough so he sent a large force to Mark’s house in the middle of the night, Mark escaped but this was a victory however short lived as the very next day Mark’s group with assistance from Vancill ambushed the force guarding the houce killing them all. The group them moved swiftly on to Pete’s manor while it was relatively unguarded. Pete was standing at home arguing about how to proceed with his bodyguards when he was suddenly hit with an arrow even more surprising roots and vines grew from the arrow and pinned him to the ground, a group of glowing points of light flew into the room stopped above Pete moved in and hit him. Petes chest exploded outward spreading gore throughout the room and “Skinny” pete was no more his last words were “Come on out Mark Valor I know its you! come out you coward!”

"Skinny" Pete

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