One Ear

Vancills enforcer


For an elf One ear is tall and strong rarely seen without armour and his greatsword “Retribution”
One ear wears a cloth wrap around his head covering what is presumable where he lost an ear

a scowl seems to be the resting position for his face and he can be aggressive and threatening particularly towards humans.


There was a time that in Avissium that the elf population had little to no protection from threats inside the city, at that time this included a gang of humans who liked to maim and kill elves to “put them in their place”, and there came a day that they came for a young elf named Eravan, he fought back but was outnumbered and unarmed it looked like this would be his end, and it would have been had it not been for the timely intervention of an elf named Vancill.

In the years that followed it was Erevan more often than not who saved Vancill particularly as Vancill begun talking about his ambitions for elven kind, Eravan was more of a realist and had to explain the only two ways an elf could make money in Avissium, Vancill chose crime. The combination of Vancill’s charisma and Eravan’s increasing strength and skill proved unexpectedly successful and in a impressively sort amount of time the whole of the elven community looked to the two for leadership. They reorganised into the “Greenblood alliance”

Vancill would deal with outside problems and expansion and it fell to Eravan to keep the “deep woods” profitable, years of seeing what humans where capable of and what happens to those who cant protect themselves left Eravan hardened and bitter and he was known to be aggressive ad potentially violent particularly to those who he thought had betrayed him or “the cause” and eventually Eravan gave way to “one ear” a situation that seemed to suit him just fine.

at least thats the story I heard

One Ear

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