Mercenary arbalist




Life as a mercenary was an easy choice for Moosa. After all, his father had been a mercenary sergeant and his mother a camp follower of the same company. He was raised, at first, on the periphery of the company but as he grew to a man more and more he spent his time amongst the fighters. His mother had died of a pox shortly after he turned 13 and from then he lived with the soldiers of his father’s unit. At first he served as a banner bearer but as his promise of height failed to add his father’s girth he was taught as an arbalestier, his steady hand and nimble fingers put to better use from a distance.

-Moosa left the company after his father died, taking individual contracts gotten through previous company contacts and old friends.
- The Sages league through Mark-valor had hired him as a caravan guard on a couple of occasions.
- Rolan and Thia Nailo travelled with the company wagon train a while ago. They were the first Elves Moosa had ever seen up close and he didn’t really understand why they were treated differently


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