Mara Stormwind

A human just trying to make it in this cruel world


Mara is 5"5’, black shoulder length hair and green eyes. Pale complexion and usually wearing a blank facial expression. She prefers the dagger and shortsword but always picks melee battles careful as she is very aware of her strength disadvantage. Always willing to fight dirty and enjoys seeing bullies get trounced.


Mara’s childhood was marked by opulence and wealth. Being the daughter of a family of diplomats allowed her the finest education including learning various languages, reading and writing and how to act in court.

However, knowing how fickle court can be, Mara’s father insisted on covert lessons on self defense. Unbeknownst to her father, Mara begged to learn how to attack, pick locks and sneak about. A curious girl from childhood these tendencies weren’t unusual but unseemly to her morally elevated family.

Mara’s talent for delivering messages quickly and quietly grew and was selected, much to her parents dismay, to deliver a message to Sanuus.

Mara’s journey to Sanuus was quickly overtaken by her fascination with a group she spotted working with the same caravan. One Sages league member, an studious Wizard, a mud-soaked nature nut and an Estarian mercenary named Moosa. They were all tasked with delivering goods for Gaius – and if Mara knew anything, she knew he didn’t leave his goods in the hands of the inept. Mara was glad to be away from the stifling matters of court or the disapproving looks from her parents, when they were in town.

Arriving in Sannus was a welcome change from the constant boredom of being on the road. The city offered much needed facilities for bathing and making oneself civilised again. After collecting the delivery fee and fending off yet another proposal from the merchant pest, she found Prince “Zan” Zanthon and discovered the plot to assassinate him. After hearing the prince’s lackadaisical attitude to his duty to the kingdom – Mara was tempted to claim the reward for herself. Saner heads prevailed at that point and she began a quest to keep him safe.

The decision was made that the only way to cease the assassinations was to take Zanthon to Avissium during this time Mara dropped her coy flirtations and began to pursue Zanthon in earnest – his willingness to battle for those he cared for and protecting the weak – along with some impressive rope tying and climbing skills (saying nothing of rippling biceps). It was in the Druid Grove that anything physical took place. Leaving Mara unsure about what would happen and her future… she knew that she would deal with whatever awaited her in Avissium.

Mara Stormwind

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