Elven master Druid


When Rolan Nailò fled into the forests of Kervallion he was found by a group of elvish druids. They didn’t so much allow him into the group as not expel him but finally after months of traveling Longwood begun his teaching.
Longwood taught about the gods of the elves, about the druids connection to the forest and all nature, Longwood taught Rolan about druidic magic.

Unlike his tutors in the Silverthorn house Longwood did not stop or slow down when Rolan struggled he expected that if Rolan was worthwhile he would keep up. Sometimes he was frustratingly cryptic or seemed to talk in riddles but Rolan tried to persist.
Longwood never seemed to show much in the way of respect or affection for Rolan save that another druid once admitted that Rolan was Longwood’s first student in at least a hundred years.

No druid in the group was ever caught questioning Longwoods leadership nor was any beast seen to quarrel with him, he talked little to the other elves but confided to the trees, he talked to the birds and the earth and the sky, to Rolan this seemed a bit much but no one else seemed to think it strange.

For all the distance he maintained when Rolan left the druids to rejoin his sister Longwood told him that if he were ever truly in need he need only deliver a message to the forest.


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