James Solen

Mage enforcer of the Vontaren family


James Solen grew up in Avissium with his brother Ander when he was old enough he attended “The Grand Academy” where he studied combat magic he was offered a permeant position but left to see the world, gain new power and make some money. James and Ander spent years traveling as magic mercenaries for hire working for whoever could provide good conditions and the best payment. As Ander took more and more to stealth and subtlety spending almost more time invisible than visible, James instead preferred making others show him the proper respect forcibly if necessary and his magic reflected that. With the possible exception of his brother James seemed to hold little regard for anyone especially elves who he thought were always to “uppity” and rebellious.

“Never trust elves they never accept what their given never show proper respect”

For their work suppressing the elf riots in Luktus the brothers gained the attention of people back in Avissium they were both able to secure comfortable positions with noble families albeit competing houses. Years into this and their relationship became more of a rivalry though it never became fully antagonistic. James went back to the Academy and took up position he had enough political skill and influence to make sure he was secure and respected.

“your telling me he was killed by an archeologist, a foreigner and a bunch of fucking elves?”

When James heard that his brother had been killed he knew that revenge would be his sole focus until Ander’s killers were dealt with. He met Mark Valor first at a Vontaren event it seemed hard to believe that this man could possibly be Ander’s killer, but hen again apparently he had stirred up some shit in low town and had some elf bodyguards or something either way killing Valor shouldn’t be hard so he had the luxury of ruining his life first. James invited Mark to a lunch where he was easily able to manipulate information and a portable hole out of him Things were ruined however when some Elf mage killed his bird and recovered the portable hole then to make matters worse when he tried to attack the Mage his foes had been using he was driven off by elven thugs peasants (because he was already injured of corse).

He would have continued his efforts but his new contact told him to hold back he had much to offer so James relented. Things became difficult however when the blasted and stuffed corpse of his bird arrived but he held back. He did however continue to keep tabs on the group but made the mistake of focusing on Mark, a mistake he payed for when one of the elves blindsided him with a firebomb he responded with a blight spell but somehow the elf survived and escaped. still barely recovered from his new scars and one of the elves not only is admitted into “The grand Academy” but begins following him around its halls. Nothing was worth this he would have to act.

James arranged an ambush in the very manor the group was tasked with defending theres no reason why it shouldn’t have worked and yet somehow the elf resisted his influence and suddenly there were bears attacking him, that he couldn’t explain. The mage was planning on throwing more fire at him but she was inexperienced and he was able to disrupt her spell in doing this James took his focus off the three bears threatening him he was preparing to misty step away before he died screaming

James Solen

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