Grand Scholar Petyr

Head of the Sages League


A staunch believer in the virtue of learning and what promise the past holds for unlocking a better tomorrow.

At sixty five years of age his well earned greying hair and beard are a sign of the life he has led as a field operative within the Sages League now at its head he continues to push the exploration and discovery efforts of his fellow scholars.


Little is known of Scholar Petyr’s history. Most agree that he was a skilled fighter and explorer. He came to Avissium and joined the Sages league. After decades of study and work for the League he was able to climb the ladder and become the Grand Scholar.

He has always pushed for all the benefits of the League’s findings to help improve the welfare of common folk. He is a believer in the lost floating city and he has always stated that it is the key to everything.

Grand Scholar Petyr

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