Best blacksmith in Velandris


Giles can be found in the greenflame tavern usually the back corner or floor
he wears worn stained cheap clothing and an rough beard


In his prime Giles was a master blacksmith, he worked only specific custom commissions, he worked only in Avissiums high old district but lords came from around Kervallion for a chance to wear equipment he had made. Giles lived in a large manor, ate the finest food, drunk the finest wine and never ever associated with lesser smiths (which was all of them). Then the call finally came, finally he was asked to make the armour for a member of the royal family.

He was asked to craft the armour for Prince Phillip for him to wear while leading a campaign against Caldera. there was of corse no way Giles could miss this opportunity, he cancelled all his other jobs, worked day and night he didn’t eat or drink or sleep until the work was perfect. but eventually there it was and it was perfect his magnum opus, so comfortable the wearer could think themselves naked, so beautiful that all who saw it where blinded by its visage and so strong that any who wore it would be invincible.

When word came that crossbow bolt had broken through the Prince’s breastplate and pierced his heart killing him Giles’s life fell apart overnight. his reputation was ruined, the commissions all dried up and he only narrowly avoided being executed for treason, he retreated from high town and into a bottle.

Giles hadn’t crafted anything but a hangover and bar tab until the day he met Moosa.


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