Leader of the human crime syndicate in Avissium


“You ever noticed how he never talks?” “Don’t ask man” “What why?” “No seriously don’t, if you want something go through Pete but do not ask”

One day in Avissium one of the local crime groups recruited a young man named Gamlen no one knew where he came from but he was discreet and competent, by the end of the week Gamlen’s overseer suddenly resigned and Gamlen was promoted. In the following years Gamlen rose through the ranks gaining a reputation for brutally exploiting any weakness that could be found even things it seems no one could have found out and others flocked to be on his side clearly this was a problem for the bosses. According to the stories a group of fifteen men cornered Gamlen in an alleyway one night to put an end to him apparently he took a greataxe of one of them and was the only surviver, apparently he still has the greataxe, this of corse led to more flocking to his side. The boss of the time a man named Drarder gathered all the power and influence he still retained and called in all his favours as the city prepared to erupt into a full scale gang war. It never did Drarder suddenly retired and moved to the country and Gamlen was in charge of one of the largest criminal groups in Avissium.

“did you hear Petes dead” “What seriously? what does that mean?” “I don’t know, nothing good”

Word came to Gamlen that his lieutenant “Skinny” Pete had been killed by some local named Mark Valor who had himself been working with Vancill, Gamlen immediately authorized attacks on Mark’s home and allies and an attack on “The deep woods”. Mark’s group proved to be an unpredictable factor and surprisingly competent compitant when attackers made it to Gamlens door it wasnt Vancill and One Ear instead he saw Mark, a crossbow, two elves and a bear. Gamlen fought his way back to his bedroom where he was shot, badly burned, terribly clawed and bitten before finally being impaled through the back and thrown out his four story window not by his known foes but by this stranger Mark Valor.


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