The party sow seeds and buy weeds

The party took some time to further work through the process of Getting back u p Rolan especially as he had recovered enough to have actually improved at least as far as his magic is concerned, as the town found out when tow oversized eagles arrived to give Rolan and Moosa an air tour of the region. Mark disappeared in the night leaving behind his strange symbol disk and vague mentions of “a lead”. This was soon forgotten as Mara gathered the group to tell them that she had received instructions from Vigo to begin gathering allies for a potential civil war against Prince Regent Renwick. To this end the group begun considering potential allies amongst the nobility. Names brought up included Zahn, Hastings, Cavendish (who Moosa had met on his journey) and Silverthorn. There was some discussion on weather the Nailò’s history with the Silverthorn’s would be an asset or a problem as plans began to form for the group to tour Kervallion courting nobility.

Before the party could leave with Zanthon they would have to first make sure Valandris was relatively stable, to this end Thia and Moosa left for Eastwater to trade for seaweed and moonshine while Rolan convinced the farmer Jenks to grow seeds obtained from the pain reducing herb Rolan had received from the druids, perhaps this could be a new export for Valandris. Mara took to somewhat secret combat training with Edward paying him in food and relying of Ferri to deal with the subsequent injuries. Moosa’s last errand was to collect his commission from Giles ( guess I better not say what it is or some prick might read ahead ) before the group loaded into the portable hole to be carried by Rolan and Zanthon riding giant eagles.

The first stop was the Cavendish estate former home of the Estarian priest Ferri and stopping point for Moosa on his delivery journey. A change of clothes had been ordered for Zanthon but finding the results distasteful the group instead supplied him with Thia’s glamoured robes to mixed but attention grabbing results. meeting the lord of the estate Tane Cavendish Zan and Mara negotiated for supplies to continue to Valandris and for the promise of military support if it becomes necessary in exchange for promised of assistance becoming mode independent and self sufficient. Negotiations complete for the moment Mara and Zan took a ride around the estate finding a quiet lake where they engaged in activities that imply that they where unaware of the peasant farmers watching.

The Cavendish estate dealt with for now the next step would be a return to Avissium not just to meet nobles but to ask for crown assistance from no other than Renwick himself before continuing to gather support from around Kervallion for what could shape up to be a large and consuming war…



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