Toads and turtles

The party enter the Sahuahin temple

The party took a Leaf on the wind out to sea and swam down underwater to attack a sahuagin temple.

The party took a rest inside the underwater form of the usual dome to recover a little before what was sure to be more fighting. Fighting came when the party emerged onto a beach occupied by a sahuagin priestess who shortly after combat begun caused the water itself to rise up and attack the party (not that it stopped the party from cutting her down). The priestess was guarding an altar and serpent head carvings, some of the serpent heads held pearls carved with a crude shark tooth symbol and matching that up to one they had already and one formally in the priestess’s possession the party had a fairly clear idea of what to do, under the altar was a chest of offerings which amongst the gold and items that would be exchanged for gold was a magical pearl that was given to Rolan that he might cast more spells in a day. Two sahuagin barons and a huge shark guarded the last marked pearl… then they didn’t.

The mechanism opened the gate to the temple proper, before entering the party met another aquatic elf, Drake the younger brother of Corselle he was able to recognize that if they where swimming, breathing and talking underwater they had probably met his sister, Drake would contact his sister while the party fought the greatsword wielding sahuagin in the next room. The party traveled up stairs into the open air of the temple where they where met with a fireball. In the resulting conflict Mara claimed to hear a voice in her mind encouraging her to further violence, a claim not addressed by the rest. The “sahuagin” when attacked bled something of a black sludge and when it died its form reverted to that of a large black load like creature.


With that fight concluded Corselle and Drake caught up and warned the party that they should take a second to rest before continuing, and indeed the group did take a short break. Moving further into the temple the party entered a large room with a pool of water in its centre in the pool was a turtle(?) perhaps twenty five feet long with a large spiked shell, six eyes on each side of its head and the capability to produce a blast of burning steam from its mouth deadly enough to render Thia unconscious. Mara dragged Thia back to Corselle as Rolan, Moosa and Howling Under The Two Moons engaged the creature. Moosa hoped to acrobatically evade he creatures strikes but found that the ground had warped it became soft and difficult to move through. Rolan slashed his sword(?) causing fish to fall from the creatures mouth, Howling bit and Mara shot. A revived thia transported herself on top of the beast’s back and hurled fire, it did not survive Moosa’s subsequent shots.

The party where investigating stolen Dragon Turtle eggs and this was clearly a Dragon turtle hatchling but it had somehow become warped and corrupted. Behind was an unidentified toad creature ahead was no doubt more Sahuagin. the path ahead was dangerous but would hopefully gain the assistance of the aquatic druids against the storm raiders, or you know at least lead to some gold…



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