The sleep of the elves

Thia and Rolan take a moment to rest

The party where trying to deal with The first surprise pregnancy of Thia Nailò. Thia had another entity living within her apparently a result of her explorations into Secrets of the Academy it seemed to be growing itself a new body from Thia’a a process that threatened to kill her. To deal with this Thia had obtained a ritual from the Grand Academy that would hopefully allow her to look within herself and confront the entity. The party gathered in the “Murder basement” to set up the ritual, Thia would be the focus but using the communication earrings Rolan would try and assist her leaving Moosa, Mara and Zanthon standing by tasked with dealing with the results should Thia fail.

( well and then I guess something happened )

Rolan awoke claiming that they had confronted the entity before Thia sent Rolan away, then as Rolan prepared to go back to sleep, Thia’s eyes opened…



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