The sea without sails

The party finds storms brewing

The party picked up Court Zan and took him to Sannus so he could look into his missing crew, the first stop in Sannus however would not be a bar or a ship but a temple as all but Rolan had contracted a disease that threatened to blind them. The priest whom the party had met previously was (despite Thia’s thoughts on Estarian healing) able to cure their affliction for which the party offered not insignificant donations and saliva, sight restored the group could go find out the word about town. Thia investigated what she could be paid for unusual corpses and Rolan got a paid tour of possible futures, Mara, Moosa and Zan focused more successfully on the issue at hand and where able to find some relevant information. Scheduled ships had failed to arrive in Sannus for some time often as unexpected storms appeared the first one noticed being a merchant ship the “Fairmorning” around four months previous, by this point almost no ship entered or left Sannus leading to the city posting a bounty on the issues resolution. Zan’s crew and ship now numbered among the missing so the party contacted the one merchant still operating to and from Sannus Tilo Viera. To charter the “Glorious Expedition” specifically seeking danger and adventure the party where charged 500 gold a head (half for the “dog”).

A few days out at sea alongside Tilo’s captain Corsa Vell and storms where spotted on the horizon, violent thunderstorms that moved swiftly enough that by nightfall it was upon them. Sensing danger Mara, Moosa and Rolan looked down in the water for submerged threats, Thia look up to see if there was a pattern to the lighting, Zan looked out to sea and so was the one that saw the ship rapidly approaching with a pointed metal ram. The ships collided and the Glorious Expedition was left with a large hole in its side as warriors boarded. One foe was unarmored and stayed on their ship seemingly exerting some control over the lightning, that is until he was struck with a poisoned arrow and mental horrors. As the battle raged actions had to be taken to stop the ship from sinking, Zan spent most of the battle below decks working on the problem, Rolan was able to manifest two giant octopi who helped pull the ship out of its tilt and Thia created a resilient globe to block the hole until Rolan could create vines to help hold the ship together. By the end of the fight itself none of the party had successfully died and their foes had leaving behind a small and ship with ors and a iron ram.

Negotiating with Tilo the group arranged transport to the island once home to local raiders now suspected to be used by (storm warriors?, chainmail reavers?, Rune sailors?) this new foe. Using the raming ship (now dubbed the “stormkiller”) under cover of night and magic the party scouted the island. There where seven more of the ramming ships on the beach alongside at least thirty men the camp further in seemed to contain seventy or more and no obvious prisoners, soon the party gave up on fully taking the island. There was another plan however, Rolan called for four giant owls so the party might attack the ships and flee. While the rest show arrows and bolts from (owlback?) Thia rained fire on the unusual ships calling for a retreat as soon as the islanders begun to organise, the party flew (then sailed) away as ships burned and storms grew.

This done the party safely back in Sannus able to tell toe town something of who their foe was, Tilo kept the Stormkiller but paid the group for the effort. This new foe had been inconvenienced but was far from finished it would take more than just the party to take the island and drive them off, with Kervallion lacking a real navy and its armies indisposed the group turned their attentions to the druids…



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