The Safehouse

The party explore the subbasement

Delving deeper under their townhouse the party had found a strange safehouse complete with an altar to Zenthala. While investigating Mark thought he heard a crate move or perhaps something within, Mark and Rolan very slowly and very carefully opened and searched the crate. Inside they found a rapier with a red leather hilt and a black steel blade the group was suspicious of the blade but still mark took it for his own. The room featured a bed, weapon racks with items suitable for a variety of contexts, various potions, various clothes, cages, and a strange collection of books in every language. The altar itself featured a secret compartment, inside the party found five vials and two daggers one stylised one plain, both designed to deliver poison the vials each seeming to contain a different poison after some discussion the group elected to take the vials. Thia scanned the room for signs of magic and found much of the room radiating magic of a sort but not the type she was experienced in, this included Mark’s new sword. Rolan, Moosa, and Sariel were set to the task of unpacking much of what was in the new room and taking back up to the house proper

Mark and Thia collected their mail that had been forwarded to the Zahn estate. Thia had received a message telling her when to go to the Grand academy and Mark had a message from The Sages league stating that Grand Scholar Petyr had returned and wished to talk. First Mark and Thia went to visit Topher Destral to ask about Mark’s sword. Topher claimed it was an interesting but worthless relic related to Zenthala and wanted to take it. Sensing deception Thia told Mark to refuse technically speaking the sword for the moment belonged to Mark. Next the two visited the Sages league hall and Mark went in for a private meeting with Petyr. Petyr said he had been at a dig near to Cadon it was apparently strange and expansive but Petyr begun to have the impression that thinks were being kept from him and he wasn’t allowed in many sections for “health risks” he told Mark that something strange was afoot. With what influence he did have Petyr smuggled out one artifact which he entrusted to mark it was a segmented disk made of different metals with strange symbols on it. Before he left Mark was warned to be careful who he trusted and so Mark told no one else but Petyr in the league about the strange altar and sword. Eventually the two returned and the party retired to bed, as they slept though the dreamed of foes old and new chasing them as their allies shun them all ending with their death.

In the morning Thia left for the academy while the rest of the party visited Zorias where they offloaded many of the books and assorted potions they had found. Noticing he was distracted with the task of loading up the latest shipment for the Hastings the party offered to help. After the task was done Zorias sat down with the party and offered them refreshments talking briefly about whether any of them had become who they wanted to be. Zorias gave them a record of what was on “fat” pete’s soiled note, apparently a list of Gamen’s old lieutenants and how many of them were trustworthy they took this information to Vancill. No longer attacking extorters or invading homes the party found itself influence rich but cash poor Moosa raised these concerns with Vancill and asked for money for services rendered making particular note that he would not accept a loan, Vancill did have some money to spare and so accepted this time. There was also a stop of at Giles’s to inquire about poisoners arrows, they could be made although the price Giles asked did not sit well with Moosa.

Thia entered the Grand academy she was assigned a room and with it a roommate one Margret Vint an excitable girl working on a teleportation spell. Thia was given a uniform and tested on her magical ability she would have to sign up for what further teaching she sought. Traveling through the Academy Thia happened to run into James Solen she elected to unsubtly stalk him back to his room where sh saw on his desk the stuffed raven the group had sent him.

The rest of the party went to visit Vigo they told him about the strange room but he claimed to have no knowledge of it. When Vigo stepped out for a second Rolan begun looking through Vigo’s logbook again this time he found a section describing beings that could take the appearance of others and replace them apparently only discoverable with salt the section then seemed to cut off abruptly.

The party had found some strange things in the subbasement especially the darksteel rapier, Mark had received a strange artifact and been told to be carefull who he trusted, Thia had begun her involvement with the Grand academy, Moosa had begun asking allies for funds and The Zahn estate would soon be hosting a ball…



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