Sunken hopes

The party visits the Trench

The party found themselves underwater encountering Elves that aren’t elves Toads that aren’t toads and traveling down towards the city of the aquatic elves. The city was only referred to as the city because to the residents it was the City. Here the party found a palace and having entered every previous palace they had encountered it seemed only natural to take a tour, the tour included the banquet hall and the kelp fields but the party’s attention was most captured by the open air gardens. The open air gardens where as the name suggested not submerged in water as the rest of the city was but open air under a glass dome and sunlight(?). The gardens gave the party to collect themselves before petitioning for aid against the storm raiders with Mara and Thia taking local clothing before any meeting. Meeting with Andorel (the aged woman who said little in this meeting but seemed to be ok with the party having heard of sahuagin slaying), a cloaked individual (who said nothing) and Masibo (who seemed to actually speak for The City) the party proposed trade between the sea elves and Kervallion and of course assistance against the storm raiders. Negotiations seemed to be going about as well as could be expected when Masibo proposed the “traditional trial” claiming that no deal could be concluded before the party’s commitment was proven.

It turned out that the traditional trial was a somewhat archaic ritual involving bringing back a trophy from “The Trench”, The trench turned out to be a great chasm loading down into darkness seemingly endlessly, by the time the party stopped at a wall cave they could no longer see the top, the cave became a long tunnel of jagged rock which eventually led up to an open air cavern. This cavern proved to be occupied, inside was a sea elf apparently stuck in the cave to afraid to go forward or back. Friendly reasonable folk that the party where they took him along moving forward in search of something to kill, besides Thia and Mara had already suspected that this trip was secretly for them to rescue someone.

The group moved to a large open and pitch black expanse of in the distance a feint blue glow could be seen investigating further it proved to be a small amount of coral unusual placed and isolated, looking ahead another patch could be seen, the third light moved slightly bobbing up and down, Rolan threw his magically illuminated trident at the light and revealed the creature waiting for them.


Things begun badly and Thia was swallowed whole by the beast and things seemed bad… that was until there was a flash of light, a muted explosion and Thia was regurgitated. Injured the beast could not stand up to Rolan and Howling Under The Two Moons. When the beast died the sea elf they had befriended crawled from its gullet, they hadn’t seen him swallowed that couldn’t mean anything right? probably it was just stealthy.

On the way back their companion continued to be “squirrely”, eventually he made one reference to many to things he shouldn’t know and when confronted attacked. Thia and Rolan when attacked bled a sticky black ooze and Rolan found himself somewhat impaled, but in the end their foe was defeated and when dead reverted into a almost familiar black toad creature.

Returning to the city with angler teeth and toad corpse the underwater leadership agreed to speak with prince Zanthon to negotiate further. The group retired to the gardens and after a barrel bath met with the cloaked figure from the meetings Afeir of the water druids. Afeir claimed to be a friend of Longwood and by extension the party, he had some interest in the toad creatures (Slaads) and claimed they worked for the same forces as the Sahuagin. Thia tried to draw a connection between the rune scarred raiders and the biologically warped sahuagin but Afeir claimed no knowledge of the raiders, he did have two gifts for the party however a bowl and a spell.

Back in a Kerallion forest the party begun the trip back to Sannus it seemed that the sea elves could soon be allies but who knew what could have happened in their absence and what the raiders would do next…



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