Secrets of the Academy

The party discovers a lost library

Now that all Avissium hopefully knew to Shop as Zorias’s the party were able to move on to other issues Mark had returned and there were things to do. While Rolan purchaced a horse and left to continue work on a house in the forest, Moosa took Sariel to see what task Erin Hastings had for them. Mark however was sneaking into “The Grand Academy” following a lead he hadn’t shared with the party with the assistance of Margret Vint he was able to locate what he was looking for although not before being caught by Thia he did however find what he was looking for. The party regathered at their townhouse and Moosa was able to share the task he had received, the party was to relieve a traveler of certain documents and stop him from reporting this to the guard for this they would be financially compensated still he wouldn’t arrive just yet so there were other issues.

Along with Gaius the party paid a brief visit to the royal court. The proceedings were short Prince Regent Renwick apparently distracted by other tasks there was however presented the idea of moving the guard back into the lower parts of Avissium. The party was at least able to become more informed of the situation at court of the country, Kervallion seemed to be on the verge of multiple wars aimed at expanding its borders across the continent a plan started by Prince Regent Renwick while King Richard was ill and Prince Zanthon was absent having not been in Avissium for years.

When Mark last visited the Sages League he received from Grand Scholar Petyr a strange disk covered with strange symbols taken from an expansive archaeological site. Since then Mark had been researching he found old records of locations around Kervallion and possibly beyond where similar symbols were found on walls with no clear reason. The only connection that he could find was that they were all in pre fall sites almost universally in locations used by important or powerful people mostly outside of Estaria no one had ever found a way to activate them magically and all attempts to brute force past ended … badly. Using the disk Mark for possibly the first time post-fall activated a symbol and opened up a passage.

The party gathered in “The Grand Academy” and broke into an ancient vault. It begun with a hall covered floor, walls and ceiling with magical runes, further inside was a dark room full of empty stone bookshelves some of the party briefly seemed to see strange movements form some of the party’s shadows. Mark opened a door only to find a black void objects tested in it seemed to have aged rapidly so the group quickly moved on. Behind another door the group saw shadows coming from around a corner of large armed individuals investigating further Rolan found nothing casting the shadows. When Mark tried to open the next door something closed it from the other side switching to pulling the door the a creature fell into the room with them before attempting to run away. The creature was tall thin and all white, it had long dextrous fingers, no hair and large all black eyes. Moosa reacted by shooting it in the back killing it instantly. Inside were many many large spiders in cages and a collection of spider legs in a corner. Investigating further the party found that all the spider legs were in key like shapes all unique.

Further on they found what seemed to be a human with a missing hand asking after a ring in old imperial. The party did find an animated mummified hand wearing a jeweled ring. They successfully snuck up on it bagged it and “killed” it. When the ring was removed the hard crumbled to dust soon Thia discovered that the ring continued to try and regrow the hand, she decided not to return it.

Further on the group found a room where all the books and scrolls had been piled up in amongst them was a strange creature speaking in old imperial it offered to trade secrets for secrets. Thia traded some minor secrets and was told that “the bearded man opened the way to the dark paths” the group also obtained some books and a broken gem apparently containing information pertaining to Liyanana




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