Mark is arrested twice

Done with their northern Home Invasion the party travelled back south, Moosa brought a large part of the Verdant sun back because the north wasn’t that dangerous surely a smaller force can maintain ground without him. Moosa and the mercenaries marched, the rest teleported but in the end all roads led back to Valandris including that of Mark Valor.

When Mara was paying a visit to Edward Mark didn’t recognise Edwards antics for what they where and so snuck up and impaled him which was for Edward inconvenient. Edward was sent to Ferri and Mark was taken to the Valandris academy to see Thia. After taking the salt test Mark explained that he had come to town to try and get an item of his identified the “Rioter”. Mark had a glove with a metal frame sown in and he claimed that when he clicked his fingers it made others around him aggressive, that he had started a tavern brawl. Mark talked of testing it further as Thia thought of ways to perhaps test it safely Mark talked of testing it at the local tavern, getting word through the earrings Mara and Moosa mad their way to the tavern ahead of Mark bringing Ferri.

Outside the tavern Thia alerted Zanthon to Marks intentions, Zan suggested that he stop Mark before he starts something but Thia said to wait she wanted to see what happened and she still thought Mark might be joking. Inside the tavern Mark looked around, took a start on a quick drink with Moosa, wandered off to inspect the back smoking rooms and clicked his fingers.

Those within earshot of the click which rang out unnaturally loudly and clearly became suddenly alarmed instinctively sensing some immediate danger and a need to flee or strike back. Many fled rushing past or over other some attacked whoever was closest. Moosa resisted the effects and had to resist Ferri, Mara did not but she knew the source of her distress and sought out Mark. Thia who had been waiting outside the tavern (and indeed the riotous effect) helped track down Mark she begun casting putting Mark to sleep and then restraining Mara, soon after Zanthon and Griffolk arrived with a force of guards to clean up with a recovering Ferri.

An unconscious mark was taken to the keep having been striped of all magic items while the party along with Ferri and Margret Vint gathered in the academy to try and destroy it which did prove problematic as it soon disappeared arriving back in Marks possession and allowing him to escape killing the extra guards Mara arranged. As Mark tried to hide Thia scried and knowing Mark as well as she did succeeded. Catching up Rolan and Howling Under The Two Moons tackled mark to the ground briefly but released him when they saw that Mara was shooting him. Mark had one last chance to escape but Thia still scrying found him and begun casting again draining the moisture and vitality form Mark until he was subdued again. Rolan revived Mark who surrendered, he returned his sword to the portable hole and….. was caught trying to steal back the rioter and his vest.

This time Mark was sat in an academy room surrounded by old friends, Ferri was asked to do what he could which didn’t seem to be enough. Thia sealed Mark in a sphere so he couldn’t access the sword as they tried to destroy it. The sword could resize itself and so caused some Rolan to miss his axe strike more than once, Rolan got one good hit in but do damage was seen, discussing concentration was briefly lost, the spheres duration ran out and the sword disappeared, everyone was searched but it could not be found and Mar was again blind.

Mark tried to accuse Ferri of being a cultist and claimed to be working for Vigo though neither claim seemed to save him. Thia was ( or perhaps wanted to be ) convinced that this wasn’t Mark, that he was possessed or it was a Slaad, Rolan was happy to stand with his old friend and prepared himself to make a daring rescue should the need arise, Mara admitted that she hadn’t known Mark as long as the others and couldn’t trust him, Moosa recalled Thia burning people alive Mara poisoning and Rolan impaling he had spent five years looking for the party and knew what he was willing to do for his friends.

Mark was convinced that he was dead and so took the opportunity to get some last barbs in but despite his best efforts Mark was not yet executed, the last of the party’s goodwill allowed a plan where they would transport Mark to Arcona and he would not return. Storing Mark in Rolan’s underhill home the party took one last day to prepare before they exiled their old untrustworthy and sarcastic friend to foreign lands…



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