Raiding the Raiders

The party heads to sea

The party were on a sea voyage one of Salty sailors and saltier sirens, they were attempting to rescue a kidnapped priest with Zanthon. Mark and Griffolk had been dropped off at shore to deliver the salted creatures back to town but they had retrieved his earing. Sailing towards an archipelago thought to be used by raiders, the ship encountered a strange rock walls, a collection of walls and small islands many of which seemed geologically… unlikely. It was noticed that there were groups of sharks following behind and many seagulls, this being somewhat suspicious Rolan elected to use his talents to communicate with the creatures and he was able to (after realising he was unable to speak underwater). Some interrogating later and it seemed that others had been dumping food into the water on behalf of a strange local authority possibly a sea hag.

Traveling on an island was spotted in the distance along with it a ship likely belonging to those they had been hunting. Zanthon told the party that he was interested in their capabilities and would allow them to take the lead as they saw fit, given this the party approached the ship on a rowboat operated by some of the crew as the sun set behind them. The shot at shat watchers were there until Thia appeared on the ship with a misty step and Moosa helped launch Rolan up behind her. The watchers were defeated and the ship was searched, Rolan found barrels of chum, Moosa found a sleeping (then dead) crewman, Thia and Mara searched the captains quarters (making it past a trap) wherein they noticed unrecognised symbols carved into the table, the walls and a compass which Mara took.

Sneaking their way onto the island the party found a small tent city where the raider crew had camped most of them in various states of drunkenness and unconsciousness working their way around to the back they found the priest they were looking for albeit without a necessary necklace now in the possession of the raider captain. As the priest was hidden in the portable hole “look a hidden basement” the party split up Rolan and Thia ignited the alcohol storage and with flaming swords and fire bolts worked through the camp meanwhile Moosa and Mare effectively worked together to assassinate the captain and retrieve the holy symbol and other prisoners. With a panicked and burning camp behind them the party left with both ships watching behind as they saw the worst storm any of them had ever seen move over the island as it disappeared into the distance.

The two ships where moving back through the strange rock formations when scaled humanoid creatures collapsed some of the wall separating the ships and attacked leaving Mara and Thia to begin the fight without the ret of the party as Thia tried to dight without burning their ship. Rolan found a way to swing across and Moosa was able to make ranged attacks but some damage had been done. When one of the creatures almost killed Thia she gave up caution and spread fire over their section of the ship magically shaping the effect to kill only the attackers.

The two ships traveled back towards Sanuus as the party dreamed of taking their newly liberated gold to Zorias’s they just had to make it past the assassins…



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