Measured foreign diplomacy

The party eat out in Asangis

Emerging from Imperial vault 2 Pewter into a small pond, the party found themselves not far from a small Asangan village where they could clean up and recover. Moosa was able to make a good enough impression on the locals to secure a meal for the night and a place to sleep (and to mess with unidentified magical artifacts). One of the artifacts (a “brass” device of rings and spikes) when applied “correctly” to rolan formed into a metal arm to replace the lost one that he was able to (more or less) control, the other find (a metal skull) seemed to be able to record and recount information ( a feature that will clearly only be used for good ). Just out of town Thia was directed to the cave of Pentagast Davion formally of the Grand Academy out working on proving his theories and ready to explain them at length to any strangers who come by with questions and time on their hands. Pentagast’s theories pertained to another realm from which “the creatures of nature invaded”, it was his belief that there where pla

It was a sunny and pleasant Thursday marred only by a strange little man who refused to answer simple questions. The birds where singing (although no more than usual) and the wolves where hunting (only slightly less than usual because of some strange scents in the area). Inda the brave and powerful encountered a strange trio wandering her forest, they where named Stephen Rolan, Mara and Zan (although Mara and Zan seemed unsure as to which was which). Rolan was a friend of Longwood except he didn’t speak druidic which was weird but not really Inda’s business, he also had a metal arm but he didn’t want to talk about it, creepy bush guy said he got it from an old ruin but thats kinda boring so he probably stole it from the lair of the great dragon Graglethrax who has sworn revenge and will hunt his group seeking revenge. Surely his group will be killed without the assistance of a great and powerful druid.

Mara, Rolan and Zanthon made it back to the party having had to deal with a pushy druid and the group considered its next move. Lengthy discussion ended with Zan’s plan to return to Ormest to attend the ball set up fro him while the rest of the group traveled on to deal with the assassination plot against the Asangan monarch. As Zan traveled back east Rolan, Thia, Moosa and Mara marched boldly west, arriving in town Mara encountered a message informing her that there where two assassins one an infiltrator and one a mage known for leaving mess and ruin behind. The king was holding court and feasts in town and so the party planned to attend, Mara as just another minor lady of court, Moosa alongside Edér a fellow mercenary and the Nailòs entered with stealth and hid in shadows above. Thia detected magic on two likely suspects one a serving girl and one a very minor guest, Mara distracted the server acting the drug using party guest, opening an opportunity for Thia to dispel the illusions making the leather clad and armed man looking like another serving girl. It was after the first assassin was dragged away that bonfire present began growing and the fire “stepped” off its position and “walked” forward as a large vaguely humanoid shape formed out of flame. The spectacle was impressive for the half minute it lasted until Thia from her stealth position dispelled it (leading the regular guests to assume it entertainment rather than threat). some time passed until the next spectacle, this one took the form a section of the floor itself rising up and pulling itself together into another large vaguely humanoid shape and marching towards the king, this time when Thia dispelled the magic rather than the creature falling apart it simple ceased to be controlled by its master and begun crushing and killing.

As the room panicked and fled Moosa shadowed his suspect alongside Howling Under The Two Moons leaving in the main room only Rolan, Thia, Mara and the angry floor. This was a fight featuring Rolan leaping heroically from a balcony onto the creature, Thia blasting the foe with beams of fire, and Mara being hit directly by large stone fists (and surviving). When Rolan attacked vines, a watery stream and fish ( fish? ) flowed from the creature. In the end no floor monster could stand against such and group and only rubble remained. The actual assassin and creator of the creature however had made it into the room where the VIPs of Asangis had retreated, stone creatures hadn’t stopped this party and neither would a door guard so in they came as well. The party while hard to stop where frequently laking in subtlety and so where soon noticed by their target who responded to their presence by filling the room with magical toxic fog. What followed was confusion, a flash of light and thunder. The fog cleared the mage stood constricted by giant snake with a dagger in his chest, the gathered nobles watched Moosa put a crossbow bolt in each of the mages eyes with little understanding of what was going on. Threat dealt with the party presented themselves to the king.

In a meeting that lacked all the formality and caution a meeting with a foreign king should usually entail the party stated that the assassins where likely sent by Renwick prince regent of Kervallion and that the party where sent by Zanthon Prince of Kervallion “you’ve been keeping up with Kervallion politics right”. The party where allowed to leave safely, Rolan asked for payment and ( somehow ) gained one thousand gold, the party left stopping only to gather some of the unfinished banquet (including the unserved Llamhigyn Y Dwr).

Gathering outside of town Thia was able to make use of a spell passed on to her by Pentagast where she created a circle that would transport them back to Avissium (or Pentagast’s cave) she explained it only lasted six seconds so th…



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