Look before you leap

we're going to behir all day

Returning from Terba castle the party had no immediate obvious threats, Moosa frustrated with his finances but unwilling to accept money from the party decided to take some time (and T.B.H. ) and travel to northern Estaria to work on forming his mercenary company leaving with a “goodbye, no don’t tell me what your going to do”. Rather than sit idle in Moosa’s absence Thia offered the party another mission, this time she was questioned about where these tasks where coming from and so she told them.

The wizards sanctum the party had found contained a book titled “Help I’ve discovered a hidden library/laboratory full of magic: A beginners guide” it contained a series of tasks for the one who found it along with a geas to ensure they do. The reason that Thia had had the party break into Terba castle and steal the warding crystal was because the book told her to. Thia had apparently been geased by some combination of the book and the green leather chair in the library and so had to (at some point “Obey the books commands”). The book now talked of “The land of Faeire” a parallel realm from which the fey come. The book spoke of a pristine waterfall framed by two trees that one must jump off to cross over.

The party traveled back into Estaria flying out of the Terba valley and reaching Arrent a city on the edge of the forest they planned to enter, there they stocked up on rations, water and waterskins preparing for a place where they couldn’t necessary trust food and drink they found/where offered. Rolan led the group into the forest and found the river the book spoke of and followed it upstream. On the journey floating lights where spotted that Thia identified as will-o-wisps and creatures that could lead travelers astray, the party ignored them and they stopped seeing them as they got closer to their destination.

Getting closer to the mountains Mara heard distantly ahead the sound of combat, moving ahead the party saw that the waterfall flowed through a ruined building not mentioned in the book. sneaking up to the courtyard the group found corpses strewn about and a large blue reptilian creature. The party attacked and the creature charged Thia, almost killing her before Rolan intervened. When a healed Thia unleashed the inevitable fireballs the shaken creature spat out what turned out to be a still living man in full plate mail Sir Octavio Maubourg. The creature suffering from burns, cuts and a shot out eye attempted a retreat but was scorched of the wall it climbed. With the combat over Sir Octavio was able to introduce himself claiming that he was there specifically to fight that creature, when the party suggested rest he pulled supplies from the corpses about (his retainers as it turned out). While they rested tales of adventure where told including the Dragon of Iron pass while this was going on it was noticed that Sir Octavio never took of his helmet or armour. Thia stepped out from the camp and

Sir Octavio joined the group as they searched the ruined monastery they found themselves at. The place clearly hadn’t been used in some time and had signs of a failed defence against some attacking force, perceptive force that the group was they noticed the small pale creatures lurking in the rafters waiting to ambush. The creatures struck out with toothed hands and tried to choke but like so many before fell to arcane fire. cavernchoker.jpg Investigating a back garden the trees mentioned in the book where found arching over either side of the river to meet above, following the instructions Rolan leapt from the cliff to the pool below, Thia and Mara followed. The three found themselves not in a mysterious land of the fey but instead in a pool lucky not to have killed themselves.

The party where led to the conclusion that if this had been the crossing they where looking for it was no longer. Thinking perhaps they had simply arrived at the wrong waterfall the group spent the rest of the week searching up and down the forest leaving Sir Octavio to brave the lower levels of the monastery. With none of the other waterfalls matching the description the party where led to the conclusion that their information was out of date and the building of the monastery or perhaps something that had happened there had disrupted the effect. They did revisit the monastery only to find it seemingly cleared, its monsters slain any treasure gone. Still needing to reach “The land of Faeire” the party drew up a teleportation circle and paid a visit to Pentagast Davion



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