Leaf on the wind

The party go shark hunting

Seeking to save The sea without sails the party hoped to find druids of the sea, to this end they left Zanthon behind to travel to a costal section of forest looking for caves or any thing else that might house aquatic druids. What the group did find was one of Longwood’s forest druids with a message suggesting Rolan simply head out to sea and display nature magic, this druid despite not actually seeming to like Rolan grew a boat out of the ground for the party to use. From the ground a (tree?) grew out into to the clear shape of a boat with a large leaf sail, a small but usable vessel. A couple of days out to sea summoned birds reported errant water movement, upon investigation the movement stopped so Rolan jumped into the water where he encountered a blue-green finned elf, this elf (Corselle) magically granted the ability to breathe and speak underwater. Rolan decided to alert the rest of the group to this by having giant summoned octopi drag them off the ship and into the water. Moosa and Mara found themselves unexpectedly attacked by giant octopi, Moosa escaped their grasp, Mara was less successful and found herself suddenly underwater and restrained by tentacles. Eventually Rolan dismissed the octopi allowing Mara to retreat to the surface.

While Rolan had acted questionably he did have some druid connection and the group was friendly from then on so Corselle told them of her problem. Then Rehierail (Sahuagin) had stolen Dserul disdra (Dragon turtle) eggs for unknown reasons and taken them to an underwater temple, one guarded enough that she could use the help of a motley team of killers. The whole party was given the ability to breathe underwater and swim at a decent pace despite Moosa’s armour and so they travelled down to the wreck of the “Fairmorning” where they encountered hostile Sahuagin and sharks. Fighting their way through the Fairmorning (and picking up a locked sunken box along the way) the party where able to enter into the reef caves surrounding the Sahuagin temple. Working their way through the reefs the group next ambushed a duo of Sahuagin drawing the ire of a huge shark which would have been a problem had it not been restrained by octopi. These particular individuals guarded an almost fist sized pearl with a crude shark tooth symbol carved on it. In imperfect condition from the two fights the party decided to take a brief rest…



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