Keep on the borderlands

The party build a town

Sailing away from Sally Sharkguts and deals made the party arrived at a small costal village, from here the party would travel on by land as Zanthon’s ship returned to Sanuus (With news of storm raiders). The area the party moved through was known bandit/raider territory and soon enough they did encounter a potentially hostile group. Setting up an ambush of their own Thia cast a fireball that (somewhat horrifically) dealt with eight out of ten bandits. Of the remaining two, one armoured individual was swiftly dealt with. The other man (Who the party initially took for a mage seeing that he was unarmored) survived a new spell and a double impalement before asking for them to stop “call it a draw”. The man Edward did little to explain his survival and tried to make out that he was nothing more that an “Unemployed bandit” of little interest to the group. As Mara and Thia thought about violently testing Edward’s survivability under extreme circumstances, Moosa tried to recruit him but he seemed mostly uninterested. As the group traveled on Ed seemed to follow distantly behind without actually joining, Moosa left food supplies behind for him and Mara provided him with the groups blanket, Edward left as soon as Valadris came into sight.

In the semi-abandoned town the party found the allies they had sent north trying to settle in. Zanthon visited the castle where he encountered Anthony a seneschal and closest thing to remaining authority. The castle was worn and crumbling in places, the guard where the unwanted of Kervallion’s military people useless or inconvenient, most of the town population was gone, many of the buildings where dilapidated, some of them occupied by animals and there remained only one farmer Jenks who had lived in the area for (he claims) twenty years. Mara found the armoury to be limited containing barely enough for the understaffed guard, what passed for an infirmary was a dark laboratory full of bottles and jars of unknown provenance and the lords hall housed a once gaudy throne clearly striped of value.

The party where quick to begin work, Thia organised the mages to begin clearing and cleaning out buildings, Thia and Zanthon spoke to Jenks about teaching others to farm, Rolan investigated the well (turned out to be a little corpsy) and Moosa begun team building exercises with the guards. The guards where asked if any of them would take over the mill and they refused, Griffolk was asked to take up a leadership position amongst the guard and he said he would consider it. Thia quickly found a tavern and before long she had assembled equipment for a still and dubbed the place “Ear to the ground”. In the town square there was found a headless statue of some human long forgotten, Rolan tore it down with intention of planting apple seeds he had gathered while at sea.

Those who could cook and those who though they could gathered in the castle and tavern to prepare a meal for the strange new community. As night fell what tables remained intact where brought out to the town square along with any stool or chair that could be found (or brought from home) as everyone sat down to eat and drink what could be brought, found or made, a large gathering in a new home (albeit something of a fixer upper) . Zanthon witnessed Rolan’s interest in one of the elvish colonists and his inability to do anything about it, unwilling to lat that situation stand Zan made Rolan drink two ales then took him over to make introductions. As the night went on forces conspired to give Rolan every chance to look good as improvised and more or less functional music emanated from the mages, by the time people packed up and retired to what sleeping arrangements they could fashion Rolan had almost entirely avoided making things awkward (Rolaning) . Soon enough only the five remained Rolan, Thia, Mara, Moosa and Zanthon they drank a strange drink Thia had discovered that seemed to give visions of serenity on a mountaintop as Zan toasted “good results form shit destinies”

The party had finally arrived and as soon they did they begun (perhaps accidentally) setting themselves up as leaders of a new community they had created, built from Avissium allies and forgotten lands. The still nameless town still had for to come before it was fully functional or safe but only time would tell how long the party would stay…



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