Imperial vault 2 Pewter

The party mess with unknown magics

The sleep of the elves ended and the Nailòs woke up. Thia said that she thought the situation was resolved and explained more or less what had happened ( recorded separately ). Thia visited the mage who had given her the ritual ( he apparently had little more to offer ) but otherwise it was time to move on to other matters. Zanthon collected what funds he could from the treasury a number bolstered by an unsolicited unofficial donation. Through the Zahn family Moosa set up a caravan for the party to join on their way to Ormest on their princely tour. While Zanthon, Thia and Mara caravanned to Ormest Rolan and Moosa would eagle to Valandris to deliver the palace funds as well as some seeds that had been purchased from Zorias.

In Ormest Mara and Thia settled in “the Silver Lark” while Zan met with the nobles, purchased new clothes ( yes I saw them ), heard that there would be a ball to commemorate his arrival and moved back the ball to allow time for the rest of the party to catch up. When the others did indeed arrive they where able to get a arial view of a military camp outside of town (no doubt preparing for conflict with nearby Asangis and where able to say that they where not far from a druid site and with it an old imperial ruin Rolan had visited long ago. Having a few days until the ball the party elected to take a day investigating the ruins. The first step was having Rolan lead them to a druidic site seemingly unoccupied. traveling out from the clearing Rolan was able to find the tunnels he had used to make it to the underground ruins apparently formed by large insect creatures, while the tunnels had collapsed in the years since Rolan had found them it was nothing that sixteen giant fey badgers couldn’t fix.

Inside the ruins lay the remnants of the insect creatures and looted rooms, the party searched until the only door was one blocked by furniture that Rolan did not want opened. When the party opened it the smell that came through could’ve killed Edward. The floor of the room had apparently been completely covered with something that died and spent years decomposing, Thia ( For some reason ) bottled the grey liquid that seeped from the room. Through fire, magic items and unusual willpower the party made ti through to the symbol on the far wall, a secret passage openable with the disk obtained from Mark.

Investigating further there was a room filled with beds with strapped down skeletons many of them strangely deformed with secondary ribcages or wings or fully formed bone ears. Also in the room was a cabinet of preserved potions red, yellow and blue, Rolan had found something similar last time but had not fully explored their effects. The next room had many empty boxes and one iron box separated from the rest, predictably Thia opened the box revealing a swarm of flying misshapen creatures. When Moosa attacked some of the creatures dropped to the floor and shifted into a four legged burrowing shape and tried to flee until Thia fireballed the room fully eliminating the creatures from the room ( and possibly the world ) this complete there remained one more room.

Before the party lay three boxes on three pedestals each surrounded by clear sigils and protections. most of the party fled the room as Thia attempted to disarm the protections but with unusual experience messing with strange magic phenomena the spells where safely disarmed without incident. In the boxes where, another golden marble, an unknown brass device id disks and spikes and a brass skull. Mara found a secret exit leading the party up steep stairs and past a magical false ceiling into… a pond.

The party stopped to rest, to identify and to do what they could to clean the smell they carried with them. Rolan ( presumably not wanting Thia to be the only one allowed to almost kill themselves with unknown magical findings ) begun drinking potions. The red fleshed over his cauterised shoulder wound, the yellow at first seemed to be regrowing his arm but simply grew the skin of his arm leaving a hollow arm shaped flesh bag, the blue fleshed over all openings including eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Fortunately Thia was quick enough with a dispel and Mara was quick enough with a knife that he didn’t suffocate. Possibly seeking to reclaim her party role Thia activated the brass device on her belly leading to it stabbing into her and producing a brass tendril which she did manage to gain some control over as Rolan wondered out loud why it wasn’t being used on him and Moosa wandered off.

The secret exit had placed the group out of the forest and they weren’t sure exactly where they had ended up, they did know that in going into the forest they crossed the border into Asangis ostensibly and enemy of Kervallion. There was an assassination plot to stop a ball to attend and magic items to survive, but before that Moosa was about to arrive at a small village with its own problems…




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