Home Invasion

The party invade someones land for profit

Moosa was invading the Gateway to the north for Erin Hastings and the rest of the party had been invited along. Sneaking up to the walls in the predawn hours Thia cast a spell that caused a section of the outer wall to form a tunnel they could travel through, then that in place she created two arcane gates, one inside the castle one outside allowing a force set up beforehand to begin flowing into the courtyard. Mara Stormwind possessing of a magical pair of slippers was able to walk directly vertically up walls, an ability she used to attack guards from unexpected directions as she made her way to open the castle’s portcullis. As more arrived in the courtyard and the main force approached Rolan and Howling Under The Two Moons where seen leaping between towers and running across crenelations, that is those not distracted by the huge raging swarm of ravens. The ravens swarmed one man at a time completely overwhelming them and once the party where gaining control of the walls swarmed the large melee in the courtyard. Joining through the arcane gate was the Valandris mages who immediently sought high ground so as to rain down what fire they could muster. As the battle seemed to be decisively turning in the southerners favour there was witnessed a last desperate charge by a heavily armoured individual lated identified as perhaps the castle’s walls, ended when Rolan rendered him headless.

The walls breached and the courtyard taken, next came the main keep and soon the castle itself. As some began reasserting the defences they had just thwarted others took the chance to rest and drink looted spirits. There was found a hole in one of the back walls and an arrow pointing out to the forest but the party decided that it wasn’t worth the risk of investigating.

Rolan was approached and asked if he could take a look at some strange plant life growing in one of the buildings further from the keep itself. The building however rather than strange plants and flowers as had been suggested featured some pale gentlemen with hostile intent one of them perhaps identifying themself in “Do you know why they call me ”/wikis/terba-castle" class=“wiki-page-link”> Obby the rat? Because rats survive". Rolan found himself briefly paralyzed and as he was attacked weakened, shortly before the party could arrive to render assistance Rolan backed out of the room only for his attackers to close the door behind him and as it soon became clear flee.

The keep had been taken, “Obby” was still at large but if the party had a plan for dealing with him it would not manifest yet, Moosa had to send word to Erin Hastings and have the castle prepared but then there was other party to deal with. Rolan had strange directions from another dimension pointing south of Avissium and Thia had orders from an old book pointing to Arcona but the party’s first concern was the “disappearance” of Zorias and his teleportation circle that the party presumed led back to Xargosia…



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