Gateway to the north

The party join an active siege

Most of the party where trying to reenter the world after being gone for Five years and Moosa had unfinished business before he could go back to running around with his old group. And so Moosa, Mara, Rolan, Thia, Howling Under The Two Moons, and five mages from Margret’s makeshift academy (Thomas, George, Joane, Berton and Johny Lowe) marched north with a resupply wagon for the “Verdant Sun”.

Moving through the hills Rolan found the paths the raiders had used to safely get the party to the edge of “The endless forest” without noticeable resistance. This forest being unfamiliar and some what foreboding the group skirted the edge between the forest and the local swamp the whole time getting the impression that they where being stalked from the forest. Fearing an ambush the group took to camping the wagons inside a ring of arcane domes. Using a druidic technique he had neglected Rolan was able to reach out his consciousness and discern that there where two groups of six individuals in the forest likely following. Mara tried to instruct the mages in how to maintain a proper watch with limited success but it was only the first in a series of efforts to dissuade the mages of the notion that the trip would be any kind of grand adventure. Following up from his detections Rolan scouted ahead and discovered a large pit with spikes grown from the soil at the bottom and signs that it might have been dug by claws not dissimilar to the creatures Rolan summons to do the digging for him, all that could be determined for sure was some hostile intent.

As an unfortunate effect from traveling so close to the swamp the group found themselves surrounded by a rolling mist making visibility a problem. In the mist Rolan and Thia spotted a group of what turned out to be humans, humans in Verdant Sun colours as it turned out which is why it was strange when they attacked. Rolan took most of the attacks before the mages caught up and all cast fireballs decisively ending the conflict. Investigating the bodies it was discovered that they all had black eyes and slit throat which even for the north was unusual. Moosa had the bodies loaded onto the wagon and they continued on.

Eventually the party did arrive at the Verdant Sun/Hastings siege of the northern castle and had a chance to rest a little. Settling in Rolan found that he was recognised as second in command and treated as such, Thia made sure the mages where adequately set up and Mara met Naythe a former crew member of Zanthon’s who had joined up with Moosa in the party’s absence and he introduced her to some of the rest of the company who had it seemed lost some faith in Moosa during this “cursed campaign” to the north.

Rolan decided to investigate the castle in question which turned out to be surrounded on three sided by forest. Any town structure existed entirely within its walls but there was enough of a drainage system to allow an elf with a little nature magic to send through an Avissium rat who he had magically bonded with to do a little scouting, nor did the castle stop that same elf from magically camouflaging himself and the giant owl he rode by night to scout from above with his elvish night vision.

Over their journey the Valandris mages had been snuck up on, urinated on, been shown fresh corpses and given the impression that they where definitely going to die. They had been taken out to introduce the officers their magic and “show them your not demons” and been provided a personal bodyguard each. On what they thought might be their last night they gathered and drank, they turned away the employed company Mara sent their way bud did engage in some “who will kill more” gambling Moosa encouraged.

That same night Rolan instead sought solitude and so meditated outside of camp with Howling under the two moons. Back in the camp a howl was heard followed by a loud bang, the party heard through their earrings Rolan’s predicament and rushed in his direction hearing another bang. Moosa, Mara, Thia and a small calvary force arrived to find Rolan, Howling under the two moons and two large dead bipedal wolves along with reports of a third that fled. Rolan had healed himself but Moosa made Tavis give a small blessing just in case.

That night before dawn the party would try and break a siege half a year in the making, Thia prepared to open magical doors and gateways, the mercenaries prepared to fight and the mages prepared to die surely they would be fine so long as there where no more undead scouts, charging wolves or tribal elves…



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