Five years

The party return to their salted home

Thia, Rolan, Mara and Howling Under The Two Moons stepped out of a land of eternal Sunset only to return to a Valandris not quite as they remembered it. After they passed “the salt test” Zanthon told them that he hadn’t seen them in seemingly almost five years as opposed to the months it had seemed to them. More salt and some magic confirmed as well as could be determined that the party where who they said they where so they where able to reintroduce themselves to the world. It turned out that the last time the group had been in Valandris building things and spending platinum they had gained something of a reputation, a reputation that had only grown since they disappear suddenly especially when those who knew them insisted that they weren’t necessarily dead and could return at any time. The teleportation circle and Margret Vint’s efforts had turned the upstart academy into a functioning school for the arcane arts but it was Thia’s reputation that filled it with would be campaigners wanting to throw fire and quip at monsters. Time and the teleportation circle had given Valandris a functioning Estarian chapel, a heavily Hastings presence, complete walls for the castle and a trading economy with Avissium in essence most of the things the party had wanted for Valandris (except perhaps independence form the Hastings).

Thia was able to reacquaint herself with Vancill while Mara and Zan had one of their very rare open conversations about their relationship (certainly the first in five years) and decided that for the moment they would pursue a relationship pleasing Valandris’ gossips to no end. Rolan made do expanding his personal holdings with the assistance of Giles and one of thia’s pixies (sprites?, fairies?). The pixies had been loaned out to various party members and allies during this time seeking adventure and glory and mostly finding guarding and lawn mowing.

A couple of weeks had passed and the party had settled in somewhat when a filthy disheveled Estarian rode into town wearing battered armour, Moosa had not been with the party for their sunset adventures and so had spent the last years building his mercenary company and searching for his lost friends. The party being mostly unscathed from their experiences looked after a battered Moosa ensuring he was bathed and fed, taking his armour to be repaired and giving him a drink Rolan brewed with deepwood moss that induced a magically restful sleep.

On their return the party had encountered many of their old allies to check in but one they couldn’t find was Zorias who had been gone almost as long as they had last being seen in the house in Valandris he had been given, investigating Thia found a note reading only “sorry” and the faded remains of a teleportation circle, in an act of restraint almost reaching sane Thia did not immediently use the sigil herself.

While there was a wish to find Zorias and a need to follow Thia’s Estarian book (now pointing to Arcona) Moosa had actually come from a siege in progress and that still had to be resolved. The party as Moosa’s friends volunteered themselves to go back with him and help resolve the situation, Thia being dismayed that Moosa had never recruited any mages into his army brought along some of her fans form the Valandris academy. And so the party rode to the untamed north to fight monsters and men and to end a siege almost a year in the making…



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