Elves that aren't elves Toads that aren't toads

The party rescue dragon turtle eggs

The party found themselves in an underwater sahuagin temple fighting Toads and turtles. Having defeated the warped dragon turtle hatchling the group erected a magic dome to block the entrance and give them a safe place to rest and recover before moving deeper into the temple. By the time the party did move onward they knew that their presence must be known, despite this with magic items and Rolan’s spells they where able to get the drop on what turned out to be one last sahuagin priestess clearly altered in a manor similar to the previous priestess and the dragon turtle, guarding the priestess where two large red “toadlike” creatures vaguely similar to the creature they had seen previously. Attacking together from stealth the party won with minimal injury and where thus able to claim the treasure stored in the priestess’s room.

At what turned out to be the back end of the temple was another underwater reef section containing sharks, unresponsive sahuagin and dragon turtle eggs. It was shortly after the sharks where defeated that small creatures burrowed out of the sahuagin’s chests swam up to the eggs and begun trying to burrow into them. Here to save the eggs the party begun attacked the foot long tadpole like creatures and had them dead before any more than one egg was destroyed.

Before leaving the group did investigate a side room which turned out to be the “temple” part of the sahuagin temple. Thia’s standing stave was destroyed by the trapped door, the contents of the room where destroyed by Rolan and Moosa. Rolan and Moosa bled into a pool until a statue and chest appeared out of it. Collecting the treasure of the temple the party had gold, gems and a crown to aid their mildly dire financial situation there was also the cloak styled after a manta ray that aided the user in swimming effectively and granted knowledge of the sahuagin language as well as the trident “Obedience” that could be used to command creatures of the sea, both went to Mara.

Returning to the “Leaf on the wind” the next stem would be a meeting with the sea elves, Moosa decided that someone should return to Sanuus to make sure efforts there where progressing and so once again left the party taking the ship with him. The rest druided to an forgotten island where Oron lived. Oron was an elf and it seemed not one of the bluegreen sea elves like Corselle, still he invited the party back to his small house, offered refreshments and asked their story, Oron (who was it seemed at least aquatinted with Longwood ) claimed to behind their goals but suggest that it wasn’t his decision. At the conclusion of the conversation they where asked to wait on the beach and “look west”.

Along with Corselle the party waited on the beach with a small table of ale, looking to the west they saw buildings rise up from the water, almost a whole town with some sort of ground beneath. Along with the buildings came people, more like Corselle like elves but not quite they gathered on either side of the “road” and watched the party as they walked to a prominent tower. Sitting on a throne of coral(?) was Andorel who demanded that each person present introduce themselves and…
When told about the raiders Andorel questioned what business it was of hers, as Thia and Mara where beginning to think that they wouldn’t get anything from this Corselle told of the partiy’s efforts to save the dragon turtle eggs and ruin the Sahuagin temple, this seemed to have an effect as Andorel immediately offered wine(?) to the group and the whole structure begun to sink.

The Sahuagin had been dealt with ( for now ) but to deal with the storm raiders the party suspected they would need druid assistance, in the end one question remained, Where these sea elves or water druids ant whats the difference?…



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