Destination parts unknown

The party seek out the worst that could happen

Moosa had spent his time apart Buying new friends, the rest spent their time apart fighting the terrors of the deep, with the party back together it was time to return to the capital in search of allies and standing staves. Given the party’s masterful diplomacy it would be prudent to restock health potions and so to Zorias’ they went. Among the purchases was burning oil and exploding stones for Rolan, as well as two specific commissions, one to have Thia’s aquatically acquired arcane focus enchanted with the “Zorias special” the other a years worth of components suitable for the spell “teleportation circle” surely to only be put to good use.

Moosa wanted to visit Joanna Zahn and give her a gift, on the suggestion of Mara this ended up being a pair of songbirds. Over lunch Moosa, Mara and Joanna discussed the state of the Zahn business and the Zahn’s partnership with the Hastings. After a stop of wherein Rolan purchased an engagement ring(?) there was a visit to Erin Hastings herself. Rolan, Mara and Howling Under The Two Moons came along but immediately made excuses and left Moosa alone with Erin, he took the opportunity to tell her that he was afraid of her and saw her as a “force of nature”. When Mara returned she begun setting up a deal where Valandris would sell its “produce” to her and it would become rope and other products possible further exported by Tilo Viera.

Day turned to night and the party (mostly) regathered, Moosa’s hirelings had been sent out to explore the city and where now asked to map their experiences and they more or less succeeded. When Thia failed to appear Mara took a trip to Vancill’s to see if and how she might be “otherwise engaged” he however hadn’t seen her since that morning. The last Thia had said about her plans had included Zorias’ and “The Grand Academy” and so to the academy Mara went “of corse i’m allowed her how else would I have gotten in?”. Investigating the library Mara found a magical sigil drawn on the floor and someone reasserting nearby, it seemed that Thia had found a example drawing of a teleportation circle in a book and decided to see if it actually connected, it did so Thia promptly jumped in knowing nothing of where it led. Mara gathered the party and asked the mage to recast the spell before leading them on to parts unknown…



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