Court Zan

Rolan receives sterling service

Stepping away from"successful" Measured foreign diplomacy the party traveled through Thia’s new teleportation circle spell, a somewhat unpleasant process involving becoming uncomfortably aware of all aspects of oneself. The spell deposited the party in a forgotten corner of Avissium’s Grand Academy, and after signing in with a flummoxed young mage they where back in the big city and able to reconnect with their allies. Back in their own house the group took the time to search the dead wizard they had decided to take with them and indeed finding a potion of invisibility, some small amount of coin and shoes that would let the user (now Mara) to walk up walls and ceilings. In the morning the party visited Zorias’s, Zorias himself (who was apparently selling hash now) greeted them with a warm “Welcome to Zorais’s and .. What the fuck!? What the fuck is that?!” upon seeing Rolan and his new arm, it turns out that Moosa had been conspiring with the rest of the party as well as Giles and Zorias to have a new arm made. Moosa had Giles make and Zorias enchant (and retrofit for function) a silver arm in reference to a peace of elvish mythology. Zorias was given the “brass” arm, the first golden marble and some semi-identified potions, the party where given the silver arm and a debt to pay. The next stop was Vigo who they informed of their adventures in Asangis and it was from Vigo that they heard that Zanthon’s old crew had gone missing, the party where asked what they where going to do and they said that they would pick up Zan and then either go get his crew or approach the Silverthorns. Vigo spoke to Mara alone afterwards, told her what Zan would need and provided a little coin.

Rolan summoned eagles and the party arrived back in Ormest to find that Zanthon had moved from the tavern to a nicer apartment, it seemed that in the time the party had been gone Zan had tried to find what worked at court and so was bourn “court Zan” with a trimmed beard and more conservative clothing, upon hearing about his crew “court Zan” rather than rushing off considered if he should continue courting nobles until Moosa spoke to him about taking “court Zan” as early another weapon in the arsenal and the need to take charge. While in town Mara took Thia to visit Jane Stormwind. Mara wore traveling gear with jewelry raided from Jane’s stash in Avissium, Thia was instructed to wear the garish Zargosian and clearly wizard robes. Rolan had brought a mouse from Avissium. Mara had Thia mention Tilo Viera as a rich merchant who had proposed before she refused. Rolan wanted somewhere better to store his mouse (Reg). Thia told tales of the party’s wild adventures. Moosa knew a method involving melting the ends of bottles. Jane found out that Mara had been traveling with the prince. Moosa and Rolan made a mouse house.

In the morning the party gathered Zan had purchased new longswords and a breastplate and the party took the eagles in the direction of Sannus. An unfortunate side effect of some of the foraging the party had partaken in was that all but rolan begun bleeding from the eyes and slowly going blind. The only major stop before Sannus was at Iron pass so that Moosa could check on the gold mine side business and was able to extort politely ask for a small cut of the profits.

Soon enough a mostly blind party arrived in Sannus looking for a cure and hopefully after Zan’s old crew. The waters outside Sannus besides the hag, sharks and fish men where beset by pirates and raiders but you know how bad could they be…



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