Buying new friends

The party kill weird stuff on instinct now

With somewhat Sunken hopes Rolan, Thia, Mara and Howling Under The Two Moons returned to Sanuus to catch up with Moosa who it seemed had made some new friends. Tavis, Hallan and Berem, mercenaries apparently hired by Moosa to come along from now on. Back in a town Moosa ran through his usual ritual of ordering a strange commission (boat wheels) and hunting with Rolan and Howling under the two moons, on this particular hunt they saw signs of a large creature having moved through the area and decided to investigate. What they found was a large bipedal grey beast eating deer. Rolan conjured a giant elk and ambushed the creature slaying it before it could flee. Thia and Mara had heard signs of battle through their earrings and so arrived soon after and decided to investigate a nearby cave likely the beasts destination. Inside Thia found a tree and a woman who based on the green skin and home was likely fey, upon hearing of the creatures death the woman seemed shocked and confused that it would attack without provocation. With little to add the Nailós left the woman and set about harvesting the creature for its hide, claws and blood.


Zanthon had organised the beginning of a merchant/mercenary militia and had taken three ships to respond to raids on costal villages, the day after the party arrived in Sannus he returned with two. Zan was able to tell the party of fighting raiders and dodging lightning, the party where able to tell him of Toads and turtles. Rolan denied the party the benefit of his political insights by leaving to challenge Tilo Viera to a game of strategy and wit, when he begun loosing he attacked and fled. When Mara heard of this she left the Zan conversation to make sure her plans for Tilo remained intact leaving Thia and Moosa to hear Zan’s suggestion that Thia convince “The Grand Academy” to render assistance, she was a student there right? she could talk to them surely.

Just as night fell the prince’s allies brought their (more or less) Estarian mercenaries through a magic circle to arrive in Avissium’s Grand Academy. Moosa and Rolan would bring the mercs to Zorias’ for crossbows, potions and standing staves leaving Thia to convince the Academy mages to help fight raiders, what could go wrong…



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