Back in town

the party reconnects with Avissium

Packing up concluded the party had finally made it home to Avissium. Practical as ever Moosa left behind his food supplies in case the winter sprites were still following and gave his half-plate to Zanthon to provide some limited disguise. Before even returning to their home the party’s first stop was Zorias’s, allowing Mara, Zanthon (and I suppose “Howling Under The Two Moons”) to encounter the purple door and strange store within. Running the store was a young elf who greeted the party with great unenthusiasm, this elf was made to collect Zorias who arrived with all the speed and offers of standing staves as was apparently expected. After introductions of the party’s new wolf, hopefully wealthy ally and “dave” the shopping could begin. There was a lengthy period of price checking and discussing what was possible but at the end the party had purchased on this one trip more magic than they ever would be expected to have. This included

  • shoes designed to assist in moving silently
  • cloaks designed to help the wearer blend in to a location
  • a large jug said to produce different liquids
  • a bottle of air
  • a large fan
  • a single white feather
  • two goggles meant to help non elves see in the dark
  • of corse healing potions

Not everything they wanted was practical or affordable, some things were simply not available yet so the party planned to returned tomorrow to see if more communication earrings could be made, Moosa could buy a amulet to ward against attempts to magically locate and spy on him and RolanRolan Nailò arranged to have magical sigils tattooed onto his arms. After most of the shopping was concluded the party were able to take a second and notice that Zorias was wearing uncharacteristically plain clothing, it seemed that this was part of some Xargosian ritual that was to soon take place, once it was brought up Zorias explained that the there was something that he was to do tomorrow that traditionally involved the participants closest ally and for Zorias there was only the party, he asked for their assistance they accepted.

While the rest of the group returned to their well cleaned and maintained townhouse Rolan tracked down Ashleigh an elf he knew from the deep woods, he gave he a strange axe he had acquired and invited her over for dinner that night. Back at the house Gaius had arrived to check in having heard the group was back, while Thia spoke with him Moosa, Rolan and Zanthin (in the portable hole) went to visit Giles, they purchased some bracers that Howling Under The Two Moons could wear so that Zorias could enchant them later, Giles himself seemed relatively fine and did not have any pressing task for them tomorrow, unlike Joanna Zahn and Erin Hastings who ended up being Rolan and Moosa’s next stop respectively. The next day would be the winter solstice and brought with it associated festivals most of the major noble houses would be holding a celebration as a display of power moving between parties as a roving mass of wealth and privilege, Joanna worried about her houses power and asked the party to help make sure it went well, Erin worried about the Vontarens’s power and hired the party to bake sure the Vontaren celebration went poorly. Thia also Visited Vigo to check in and ask about Mara and with Margret Vint and See’Krett who also wanted to see her again tomorrow. In preparing for the Vontaren gathering Rolan ran into Vancill who asked if the party could help ensure Deep woods celebrations went well.

That night Rolan hosted Ashleigh on the ground floor of the townhouse, Mara spoke with Zanthon upstairs, Moosa left to find the winter sprites and Thia left for the deep woods. Rolan drank and ate with Ashleigh until he came to the realisation that he was not/was no longer attracted to her and so he announced this quite plainly and asked her to leave which went about as well as expected. Mara asked Zanthon about their relationship and where it was going to which he responded that he was unsure and Mara decided that she was fine for putting it off some more, Zanthon went to say something but stopped himself when questioned he said “never mind” when questioned further he left but soon found out how small a two(/three) storey townhouse could become. Thia’s evening with Vancill begun with somewhat awkward conversation about her left hand but soon enough progressed to the desired result.

The next day brought with it the winter festival and with it many obligations and tasks from those the party knew even putting aside if they had any plans of their own. Avissium was full of spies and those who used them, anyone important enough knew that the party had traveled to Sanuus, made contact with Zanthon, saved him from assassins and then disappeared into the woods. Well now the party was back and it was only a matter of time until Zanthins presence set off grand and unpredictable events but if they where very lucky they could have one last Holliday first…



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