When one spends enough time in Avissium it can start to seem that no where else matters. The place is there, the Grand Academy, the court, the king, but there is more to Kervallion than the capital. Plots can extend beyond this one city and those who don’t look beyond its wall time to time will be left behind.

Rolan’s past had caught up with him in the form of a request from Longwood of the druids, a human named Zanthon was marked for death needed to be saved. While Rolan could no longer count himself amongst the druids (as much as he ever could) and Sariel was gone, he could rely on his sister and human allies who join as soon as asked.

It was time for the party to leave Avissium for the port town of Sanuus joining one of the many caravans traveling the country, as they headed out soon to find new friends, new allies, new knowledge and more attention than they could have expected…


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